Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Body Types - Triangle

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! I have started with Cirque Du Soleil this week, and it is so exciting!

For the next 2 weeks, I will be talking about the 4 main body types, as well as showing an outfit for each for $50 or less. Each post will be focused on a different one, and I will help you all to understand your bodies a bit better.

I've found that most people have pretty great style, it's just that they don't understand their bodies and the best way to dress for them. This is where I will be coming in; to help you all.

When I first moved out to California, I had a very defined style, but I didn't really understand my body type or how to properly dress for it. Now that I understand my body type and what works best for me, shopping is a whole other world. I'm no longer wasting money on things that don't look good on me. Instead, I'm spending my money wisely, and I will help you all to do the same.

This week I will be talking about the Triangle body type.

Triangle Body Type

"Can be two sizes smaller on top than on bottom. Weight gain occurs on outer thighs and rear."

Things to look for when purchasing for a Triangle body shape"

- Go for tops with boat necks, wide v-necks
- Long tops
- Lighter colors on top
- Fluid patterns and avoid bulky fabrics
- Avoid high waist pants with tapered ankles
- Avoid too light or low rise pants
- Avoid halter tops and A-line dresses

Important Notes to remember: Emphasis should be on the top part of the body, head shoulders upper arms, chest, Drawing attention to the upper part of the body allows the triangle look more balances, in proportion.

Triangle Example Outfit $50 or Less

Glitter Bow Tee: $11.80

Remember lovelies, light colors on TOP. Putting them on the bottom will only make you look wider!

City Streets Medium Wash Skinny Jeans: $9.99

You should always go for darker wash on the bottom. These are skinny jeans, but they're not skin-tight. They hug the legs nicely, but they don't look too tight, which would make the legs appear wider than they are. They're straight all the way down, which downplays the hips.|50460|51762&Fltr=&Srt=price%3bPRC%3bTrue&QL=F&IND=10&cmVirtualCat=&CmCatId=external|50460|51762

Easy Street Career Pump: $9.94

Yes, these pumps are rather hideous, but I chose them simply to show an example. By pairing dark heels with the dark jeans, it elongates the legs, making them look slimmer. And, of course, heels always make the legs look better.

Sparkle in the City Purse: $17.99

When choose a purse such as this, which will fall at the hip, you'll want to chose a darker color, to make you appear smaller. If you choose a lighter-colored purse and it falls at your hip, it will make you appear wider. You want to be smart with the colors that you choose and be mindful of where they fall.

Alright lovelies, I have shown you all how to dress for Triangle body type! Just to let you all know, my Sunday post will actually come Monday because I will have family down on Sunday this week. On Monday, I will discuss the Rectangle body type! =D

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