Thursday, February 18, 2010


Good evening lovelies! I apologize about not posting yesterday; between my early morning interview and driving over 4 hours up to my mom's, my brain did a flip-flop and thought it was Tuesday!

Today my mother and I walked around Santa Monica at the Promenade and at a lovely little cafe and then had our dessert at Yummy Cupcakes,

Those are the best cupcakes, ever!

While walking around today, I was hoping to find some great deals that I could post for you lovelies, but I guess that will have to wait til tomorrow til I can explore some other places. It's not that the Promenade didn't have any great deals. They had a ton! Unfortunately, nothing really worked for me.

I did notice that a lot of stores were having some AMAZING deals. I recommend stopping by:

American Eagle (Who just partnered with Puma for their shoes)
I browsed their sales racks and found some really wonderful deals, especially in H&M. You lovelies should set aside some time and browse as much as possible!

Here is the website for Yummy Cupcakes:

Happy hunting until tomorrow lovelies!

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