Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have been enjoying the warm weather that has been blessing San Diego and Southern California in general. For those that are back east, stay warm and out of the freezing cold!

This past Sunday and Wednesday I did not post because it was finals week As I'm sure you all can understand between working 6 days last week on top of trying to study and do project, school needed to come first!

Tonight though, I will be showing you all the most wonderful find from the rummage sale that occurred this past Saturday morning at Balboa Park. I want everyone to know that if you see a rummage sale going on, get there early. I don't care if it's going to be going on for 5 hours, get there a half an hour earlier than when it starts. I thought I could get there at 9:30 and still have plenty of time to shop. I ended up waiting in line for over an hour. Mind you, I found some amazing things there and it was definitly worth it, but had I gotten there at 8:30, I probably would've found more things, and had more time to shop, since it was only going on for 3 hours.

Now I know for next time, as do you all. Remember, get there early!

Amazing Rummage Sale Find

Amazing ship mug: $2.00

This lovelies, made the waiting in line COMPLETELY worth it. This mug is AMAZING. It trumps everything else we got at the sale. No one will mess with anyone using this mug. This mug is like, a sea captains best friend and drinking buddy.

Oh yes, I want to be a sea captain.

I also found an amazing old-school book with "Anne of Green Gables" and my boyfriend found a new modem for only 50 cents!!!!!

And there you have it lovelies. If you ever see an ad or anything, go for it! You never know what you might find!

This coming Sunday I will not be posting because I will driving up north after a 12-hour shift to spend Passover with my mother. I will be posting next Wednesday night.

Until next Wednesday, good luck with braving the weather, and do pay attention to what I wrote about with body types. You just might be interested in such things.....

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