Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have found it

Hello again lovelies! Long time no blog! I'm thankful finals are over now! Just to let you all know, every quarter during finals week, there will be no blogging. No offense, but I actually enjoy sleeping from time to time, especially the week when I have tests.

This week though, I finished working with Kooza Sunday night. I was sad to see it being torn down, =(, but the show must go on elsewhere! If Kooza or any Cirque show ends up by you, it's worth every penny to go see it! I glady would've paid to go see it, had I not been able to see it for free.
Right now I'm up north in the lovely lovely Ventura, and I have found some amazing things to show you all.

For those that don't know, any kind of pant, work, jeans, whatever, they just don't work for me, unless they're pajama pants. Since I can't wear those with my nice shirts, my nice shirts have not seen the light of day for some time.
While walking around today, I found AMAZING deals for $50 or less.

Ventura Deals

$50 or Less
Salvation Army Coalition Store

BDG Jeans: $5.00

Funny story, my boyfriend couldn't stand thrift stores once upon a time. He used to say they smelled, were cramped, and he doesn't like taking time to dig. Then one day I dragged him with me, and we found a pair of jeans that cost about $70 in stores for only $2. There is a method to my madness folks, trust me.
Also, if you feel uncomfortable undressing in front of strangers but are wearing pants of some sort, thrown on a skirt over it and try on the jeans that way. That's how I did it at the store. Just take a corner and take your time. Don't worry if people stare, because you might just find a pair of awesome skinny jeans for only $5.

Lucky Brand Jeans: $9.00

Yes, you read correctly, Lucky Brand jeans for only $9. This is why it's important, even if it's only an extra 10-15 minutes, TAKE IT. Try the stuff on any way you can, cause you never know what you might find! =D

Loco Linda's

Loco Linda Asymmetical Tank Top: $5.00
Ok, RUN TO LOCO LINDA'S NOW! They're having half of EVERYTHING. The $20 rack is actually only $10. Then sign up for the email list. I got a coupon in my email for $5 off $10 or more. Yeah. This tank top was originally $40. I got it for $5. COUPONS PEOPLE! Don't get lazy about printing them out, trust me! As much as I am a sale shopper, I am also a coupon clipper. I have a 13-section coupon divider, and I use about 10 of those sections for all different things, but you know what, it pays off in the end.
Coupons rock. Seriously.

And there you have it lovelies, some AMAZING finds from this week's little expedition. Don't be afraid to clip coupons, and do remember to pay close attention to everything, and if you have the time, go into a corner and try stuff on! Truly, it pays to be a smart shopper!

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