Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hourglass Body Type + Outfit for $50 or Less!

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are doing wonderfully this late late evening/early morning, wherever you are!

Tonight is my final post on body types. I have gone through the other 3, and tonight I will be talking about the most popular and well-known one, the Hourglass body type.

A very famous Hourglass is Selma Hayek. She is just stunning, and knows how to dress her body like nobody else!

Hourglass Body Type

"Hourglass curves with a definite waist. Weight gain occurs around the waist"

Fitted, well tailored clothes, emphasis on waist line.
- Tailored jacket with one button fastening - Cap sleeves, flutter sleeves - Boot cut jeans or wide leg pants - Pencil skirts - Fitted sweaters - Soft, fine fabric blouses

Hourglass Body Type Outfit

$50 or Less

Solid V-Neck Tee: $6.50

This color looks lovely on almost all skin-types, and it works very well for an hourglass because they can wear anything just so long as it's balanced on top and bottom.

Buckle Waist Belt: $6.49

The important thing to remember with Hourglass body types is that the waist MUST be defined. If the curves aren't defined, then they'll just look sloppy and big, when they're actually just very curvy.

Sequin Party Skirt: $10.99

This skirt is very fun, and works perfectly because it's fitted to show off curves.

Stella Gladiator Sandal: $14.99

This shoe is adorable and goes with everything.

Poppie Jones Monticello Leather Clutch: $9.99

Perfect for any party, dinner, or when you're not in the mood to carry around that heavy tote!

Total: $48.96

There you have it lovelies! Enjoy the rest of your week! <3 <3 <3

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