Sunday, November 21, 2010

Contest winner + Special Deals right now

Good evening lovelies! The week of stuffing ourselves silly with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin is upon us! For those of us lucky to get two Thanksgivings, expect your pants to feel snug for a few days or so after the feasting.

As promised, tonight I am announcing the winner of my contest. Comically enough, one of my coworkers I had to remind about 25 times to enter my contest, and he finally did the last night it was open, and he said "I'm going to win. You should just give me the prizes now." I of course said "Easy there ego, I'll let you know the winner when I choose it."

Of course, he's the name I pulled out of the hat. Congratulations to Robby Stewart!!!

Robby Stewart's Favorite Winter Accessory

"Winter means a lot of different things to people. Having recently moved from from the east coast where there are four seasons to souther California where there are no seasons, my perception of winter is changing.  In the past few weeks, I found myself missing the cool weather. I don't miss the cold, the frigidness and frost I had grown accustomed to, but the times when all I need is a hoodie.  I almost love my hoodie and I actually forced myself to wear it a few times.  It is functional (and I almost exclusively choose function over fashion...perhaps that is my fashion, but that is another topic all together)

Although I haven't had the same hoodie over the past 12 years, when the teeth of the zipper combine, when the sound and the motion come together, a myriad of memories come flooding back. Great times. Great people.

I want it to get colder so I can relive those times more often. Me and my hoodie, my dearest inanimate friend."
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