Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Team Pride for $50 or Less + Red is the new black

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week thus far. Tonight, I am feeling a great deal of homesickness/pride (it might have something to do with having just seen "The Town" with Ben Affleck). Either way, lately all I want to do is deck myself out in Sox gear like Jimmy Fallon in "Fever Pitch". I want to have so much pride it's coming out of my ears. Of course, so much pride is not possible when one holds an office job and lives with Chargers & Padres fans.

So, tonight, I am bringing to you pride, in the most comfortable and cool way possible. Now, below I'm going to be showing my favorite teams. Not to worry, you too can own awesome gear to show your pride, all you have to do is look.

Some great sites:


$50 or Less

Make no mistake, this is the coolest shirt I've found other than the one that said "Kiss me I'm Jewish". I'm getting this one next paycheck. No joke. 

This is absolutely adorable and would look amazing with the t-shirt above. It's adorable, warm, and the color goes with everything. And of course, it has the beloved Mets. 

For anyone who happens to know me at all, I detest snuggies. I think they're the bane of our existence. And then I realized that I would actually own one, ONLY if it was a Red Sox one. Then one was brought to my attention. Now my neighbors will see me wearing my pride and being warm at the same time. [Also, snuggie + t-shirt + hat = AWESOME]

Red Lipstick as a girl's best friend and easiest accessory

And that's how I show MY pride for my favorite teams, but for those who may not be interested in sports, but still want to be comfortable, try red lipstick.

That seems silly, as it did to me just a little while ago. I'm an all-natural kind of a girl. I enjoy nice eyeliner every now and again, but I love a pretty clear gloss, a touch of blush and a faint pink eyeshadow for a bit of pop. That's my routine. I had tried red lipsticks before, but the colors had always made me feel like bozo the clown or elvira, or just plain washed out and trying to play dress-up.

Finding the correct shade of red lipstick can be difficult, but one of the main things I've found that helps is knowing your skin tone and what works best. Pink, no matter the shade, always looks best on me, which is why my lipstick has a bright pink undertone. It's red, but it's pink-red, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

Why red lipstick might you ask?

Red lipstick is a very classic and powerful, yet still comfortable way of accessorizing your outfit and adding that extra pop. For someone like me who had never worn it before, I felt out of my element and odd for the first 10 minutes. But, if you wear it around your house for a while before going outside, you forget you have it on, and it just becomes your gloss.

I recommend everyone own at least one good tube of lipstick, It will go with everything, and at times it will be the only makeup you will need.

This is almost exactly the color that I own, save mine is a touch more red. I recommend experimenting with different colors to find the best one for you, but I promise, the moment you find the right one, you'll wear it more often than you thought you ever would. I wear mine almost every week, and I love it.

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