Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The not-so-common accessories: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! Just to let you all know; tonight is the last night for my contest! Sunday I will announce the winner and let the world know what winter accessory they said they couldn't live without!

Tonight, I want to bring to light something everyone might not really think on a day-to-day basis: The OTHER accessories. I know Sunday I talked about piercings as other accessories, and yes, yes they are, but tonight I'm talking about the random accessories that you REALLY might not think about: electronics.

I must state for the record, I am not a techie. I do not drool over the newest accessories that come out, I don't have to have them either. I am someone Who chooses very carefully the electronics that I decide to own purely because I don't have the disposable income for all the electronics in the world, but also, I want the few pieces that I own to not just be electronics, i want them to be MY electronics.

Unusual Electronic Accessories

$50 or Less

Yes, this is a real, working usb, and it ROCKS!

These are only sold in stores. The great thing is that you can call up the store and have one sent to you. I did that Monday, and I received this beautiful USB hub today. It only cost $5 for shipping. $20 for a Marc Jacobs USB hub. That's all I'm saying.

Adorable. Need I say more?

Computer Decals


Yoshi for Macbook: $8.50

"Yoshi, which is Japanese for...the Yoshi"


I hear "Empire state of mind" playing as I type furiously on a computer with this decal.


I own a PC, so this is absolutely perfect for mwah, and all others who have not become Mac enthusiasts just yet.


I love what they can create with technology nowadays. How sweet and perfectly serene is this?

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