Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Care: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are enjoying the rain during this very typical San Diego winter. For those who are in snow, stay warm and make sure you have your snow tires, lots of salt, and grippers for your boots!

Since Christmas Even is literally this Friday (holy crap, right?????) so tonight I am going to bring you some fun and funky gift ideas for your special someone, friends, or family.

 Gift Ideas

$50 or Less

 I absolutely adore this because I've been in the stores and see the products offered [Always top quality with MAC] and you get to use that awesome tartan bag!!!! I know I was given a Marc Jacobs thing a little while and I use the bag to hold all my spare stuff in my purse. In my opinion, bags like these are priceless because not only do they look awesome; they're incredibly useful too!

25% of the proceeds will go to Women for Women International. Another feel-good gift. See? Shopping isn't so bad!

The wonderful thing about these is that a portion of the proceeds go to different charities and these are hand-made. Now you can feel good about shopping for your loved one!

These are just so cool. Who else is going to have such unique and AWESOME clothes pegs to show off on the clothesline? That's what I thought, NO ONE.

For the vintage-loving chica, or the more classic lady, or the girly girl, these earrings just plain rock.

A: Fantastic neutral color that will work with anyone. B: Universal head shape design. C: Adorable fox in the front = A wardrobe must-have.

This is one of those shirts that would work for a guy or a girl and would work no matter what your personal style is. Throw it on with jeans and sneakers, throw it on with a funky pencil skirt and boots, or throw it on as your favorite pj tee; it's cool enough for everyone.

I have never seen a bottle opener this damn adorable. It's almost too awesome to use. you just want to put it out to show off to people like "Yeah, i have one. You don't? Pity."

How adorable are these?! These are the perfect compliment to anyone's home and decor! No one can resist such lovely little designs at such an irresistible price!

Essentially it's like a grown-up version of Twister played in bed. Need I say more?

For cat-owners like myself, this is the coolest thing because it's not the typical cat-scratching post. It kills 2 birds with one stone: having something for your cat to scratch other than the furniture, and have something for you and your guests to look at that's wicked cool.

 Self-grooming made cool and fashionable. El Fin.

Other Fun Ideas

Pandora: $36 for a one-year subscription 

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