Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Hurrah + Smart Styling

Good evening lovelies! Tonight I have a special 2-part edition tonight. First, I'm going to bring you a few gift ideas for the fabulous fashionista or fashion mister that you have in your life that might need a bit difficult to shop for. Second, I'm going to talk about style since I was asked a few questions by a very fabulous coworker this past week.

A Few Fabulous Holiday Fares

$50 or Less

 For anyone who has a sweet tooth and enjoys pumpkin as well. For anyone who enjoys a bit of an interesting taste.

For the fashionista who is looking for the perfect boot to go with every outfit, this is the perfect boot, and the ribbon detail will go with every style your girlfriend may have.

The perfect little purse for going out to the bar or to a dinner.

My mother and I always watch HSN whenever I go up to visit her, and this past weekend we saw the Joy Mangano special. This woman does not sleep and makes everything under the sun from candles to hangers to tables. I have something made of this material from her as well, and it's amazing. It lasts for 2 years. It is the coolest gift!

I LOVE THESE. My mother bought me a set and I ordered another one this past week. They are beautiful, create room in the closet and hold any kind of fabric you can imagine. They're incredibly well-made and make the best present for anyone on your list since you get 30 and it's less than $30.

Smart Styling

My wonderfully stylish coworker Joseph and i were talking the other day about "spicing" up a wardrobe. He has fantastic basic staples and has a very chic city style. He said he wanted to amp it up though and feel more confident in his wardrobe. I hear that a lot, people want to feel more "confident". That is something that is open to interpretation since everyone's definition of confidence is difference. I recommend for anyone wanting to re-vamp their wardrobe and add in more things to make it better for them, first think about what kind of wardrobe would outfit a "confident" person, and then think about what you feel comfortable in. While a 3-piece Armani suit may work for John, it may not work for you if you don't feel comfortable in it. Of course, you don't want to be wearing a sweatsuit into work, but you also don't want to be uncomfortable. When you're comfortable, you're confident.

When you're thinking about how to re-vamp your wardrobe, look at it and think about what don't you like, but also try to make sure that what you bring in works with what you have so far. You want a wardrobe that works together to build outfits that go from day to night and work for multiple occasions, but you still want to be you. No matter what you want to do to your wardrobe, whether add or subtract, you want to stay true to yourself and your signature style that makes you stand out from the girl next door. If you can remember to be true to your tastes and your lifestyle, also what works well for your body type, you will have a working wardrobe that works like no other.

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