Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Eve/Singing in the rain

Good evening lovelies! Now that the major holiday is over, time to sit back and relax and plan to get plastered on New Year's Eve. Thankfully it falls on a Friday night this year, so hopefully everyone will be able to sleep it off New Year's day. Personally, I don't plan on drinking, but I do plan on looking fabulous, as I'm sure everyone else is.

Tonight I'm going to bring you a 2-segment post. The first one will be a fool-proof New Year's eve outfit that anyone of any size and skin tone can wear, as well as some fun ways to beat the ran [since it is raining like nobody's business here]

New Year's Eve Outfit Spectacular

$50 or Less

The reason why I put together the outfit with the pieces that I did is;

A.) The silver sweater is perfect for New Year's Eve
B.) Add a pair of black tights and this is a very work-appropriate & winter appropriate outfit [ no matter which state you're in]
C.) The accessories keep the outfit from getting boring. Even the black clutch has subtle detail that works with the other pieces.
D.) The patterned and flared skirt evens out the bright sweater on top, so you will appear to be an hourglass.

People Sweater: $17.00 - Ross
 Tank Top: $8.00 - Gap
Skirt: $2.50 - Urban Outfitters
Shoes: $8.00 - Ross
Earrings: $1.00 - Baras Thrift Store
Ring: $10.00 - Betty Belts
Clutch: $5.00 - Kobey's Swap Meet

Total: $51.50
Rain Accessories

$50 or less

Classic, yet fun and sweet. The perfect umbrella for those looking for a sunny day.

I actually saw a girl using this umbrella the other day, and this look so cool being used. It's such a fun umbrella.

Quite frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn.

How fun and funky are these?? They even have a bit of a heel!

Rain boots with an edge. YES PLEASE!

For those of you who are thinking "These look incredibly familiar...." it's because they are. I own these boots, I love them, and I get compliments on them all the time. You can get them here for about half the price that I did. This is a classic example of why it's always smart to shop around [Something I should've done]

Fun New Year's Eve Accessory Extra

[For members] I recommend signing up now. It's free, fast, and you get access to all these great deals, like this adorable clutch for half of the store price!!!!

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