Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Accessories

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing week in the preparation for the big holiday ahead. It feels like just yesterday Halloween was coming up and now it's almost Christmas. Most people overlook the holiday accessories, and I don't just mean sparkly bows for the hair and velvet pants. I mean the holiday accessories that everyone who comes over sees and say so much about a person and their tastes, and half the time people don't even realize what they're actually saying about themselves.

Yes, I am talking about Christmas tree ornaments. Sounds slightly silly, after all, we don't wear Christmas ornaments. Our trees do though. Our beautiful trees that sit in front of the windows, puffing their chests and boasting proudly at the world to "Look at me! Look at how tall and full I stand!".

We have what we like to call a Channukah Bush, which is essentially a non-religiously decorated tree. This past weekend, I came across unusual bulb ornaments in different colors with gold glitter. Then I found unusually shaped long multi-colored glass ornaments and of course beautiful cream colored balls with gold suns and moons. I know a lot of people that just grab a package of generic ones at a store and call it a day. Yes, usually they are only about $5 for 5 or 6, but you don't need to spend a fortune to have awesome ornaments contrary to popular belief.I bought 30 ornaments for $100. Seems steep, but I never have to buy ornaments again, and for being hand-made, they were incredibly reasonable.

There's nothing wrong with generic ornaments, but mix in some funky ones, some that come straight from the heart or the coolest shelf around. You can make your own out of unusual materials and funky and creative!

"Channukah Bush"

Ornaments: $3.00-$4.50 each

Adorable and totally crafty. You could absolutely do this at home without a second thought. Craft night everyone!

 How adorable and eco-friendly?! Reusing materials never looked so cute!

Yah-yah-yah-yahtzee face!

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