Thursday, March 10, 2011

Contest Announcement!

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing March so far! Happy belated Mardi Gras! I hope for those that had a late night had a smooth transition into an early day.

To help you all detox from a night of possibly too much fun and to help with Lent coming up soon, I've once again paired up with the amazing CSN stores to bring you an amazing prize for a fun and easy contest starting tonight!
CSN Stores

CSN is by far one of the most amazing places I've found on site or online to find anything you could possibly ever look for. They have everything from amazing shoes and purses, all the way to pendant lighting, and their variety just keeps getting better!

Contest Prize

* Yoga kit
* Nylon tote bag with shoulder strap
* Includes yoga instruction wall chart
* Washable
* 68" L x 24" W sticky mat
* 72" woven cotton strap with buckle
* 2 firm foam blocks

I chose this as the prize because yoga is good for everyone, no matter your age, no matter your physical condition, whether old or young, injured or physically fit, EVERYBODY benefits from doing yoga, and this kit will help get you started. I do yoga at least once a week and I have seen a major difference in my body since I started it over a year ago. I recommend it for everyone, and yes, even guys do it too.

Ok everyone, this is very easy. In my post before last I spoke about the most popular trends that were seen on the runway this year and showed examples of each. All I want you to do is let me know which one out of the ones I posted is your favorite and why. This contest begins tonight and ends next week, March 17th, St. Patrick's Day!

The winner's post will be put into my Sunday blog post, as well as the trend! The prize will be shipped out the next day.

All emails need to be sent to:

All submissions need to have:
- Name
- FULL Address
- Description of favorite trend

1 comment:

  1. To be honest most of the runway trends that you mentioned I found to be frivolous. However the geometric patterns on the junior dress you featured caught my eye. The blocks on the colors depending on where they were located could make any dress slimming but curve accentuating, yet delightfully simple. So if I was to choose one it would be that.