Monday, March 14, 2011

Green & Gold

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are getting ready for finals and midterms and finding yourselves actually getting some sleep at night. Before I dive into fashion, I want everyone to know that no matter what's going in your life, whether it's your first time on stage, or your first time on tv, or your first time doing whatever, don't stop believing in yourself. My ex recently played his first poker tournament at Harrah's Casino this past weekend in the WSOP tournament and placed 3rd out of 400 people. It was his first tournament, and nobody believed him when he told them that. They thought he'd been doing this for years. Fake it til you make it!!!!!!!!!!

Now, on to fashion!

As we all know, this coming Thursday, March 17th, is St. Patrick's Day. Where did the time go?! Now, I know that this is a huge drinking night, but unfortunately it falls on a Thursday. For those of us that have to work the next morning, we can't get all crazy-like and party til dawn. For those that will and then go into work, you're crazy.

For those of us though that still want to look good and have fun at the same time, I've put together 2 really fun outfits: one for work during the day, and then one for when you go out at night. You'll be able to take the day outfit into the  night-time one without even thinking, and still look great!

St. Patrick's Day: Take 1

Mossimo Women's Open Stitch Cardigan green: $10.48

A perfect GREEN piece for the day, but not an obnoxious leprechaun green that makes you sick. This green is subtle, and work-appropriate all while tying together a perfectly fun and funky outfit.

A fun, funky contrast to the floral print of the dress, but it's  not overpowering so it compliments it nicely.

I love solid tights, and these are fun, yet completely work with the other pieces.

An adorable little dress that works perfectly in the office belted under a chunky cardigan and paired with a solid pair of black tights.

Restricted Tomboy Booties: $19.94

These booties are adorable and completely work-appropriate and set off the darker colors of the other pieces in the outfit.

Total: $53.42

St. Patrick's Day Outfit: Take 2

Since you'll be dancing or drinking, or both, this short-sleeved dress is perfect to go out in after work.

Fun and funky and a perfect contrast to the darker colors on the dress.

This adorable pouch is just the right size to carry everything you need in, but small enough that it won't bog you down while you dance.

And of course, perfect to go out in!!!!!!

Adorable, an GREEN! Getting in the green for the night on the town!

 Total: $49.83

And there you have it lovelies! Easy to dress for less for any holiday! Also, don't forget to enter my contest!!!

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