Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashion Week Runway Trends

Good evening lovelies! Tonight, I am going to over the top trends seen on the 2011 Fashion Week runways. There are some wonderful trends out there, and I'm going to show you how to partake in each trend for $50 or less!

Top 10 Runway Trends

$50 or Less

1.) Dramatic Capes
This cape is a fun alternative to the classic nude trench coat. Capes can be a lot of fun, but for those who are nervous about possibly looking like they just came from a renaissance fair, I recommend breaking in the trend with a classic alternative, such as this nude trench cape. 

2.) Geometric Color

 A very fun, easy way to ease into geometric color without looking like something from the 80's or from a Lego's set. Pair this with a fun bright blue sweater and a yellow clutch for those who are daring, or softer colors for those who aren't into full outfits of bright colors. This is another really fun, easy-to-wear trend that is flattering for any shape. Even when I was 200 pounds, I wore shirts with geometric color prints, and they can be very slimming if you chose the right combination pattern.

3.) Plaid Pants

 Very Gwen Stefani meets punk rock band singer!  This is such a fun way to wear plaid because it can be dressed up, dressed down, punked out, or made for the office. However you want to wear them, you can, and they always look great. Anyone of any size can wear plaid, depending on the print of course.

4.) Fringe

Fringe can be very difficult to pull off without looking like something from Wild Wild West. This little cardigan is black, so it is a basic staple that will go with everything, but it still allows you to partake in a trend that could otherwise be costume-y and horrific.

Those with bigger busts and tummies, do be careful with fringe. Too much can be horrific. If you are heavier on top, I recommend  hints of fringe on the bottom. They will make your bottom half look larger, thus making you look proportionate.

5.) Winter White

This adorable bolero is an excellent way to partake in the trend without going crazy and going all out in a huge fur jacket. This is a great way to stay with the winter color scheme without going overboard and still appearing professionally trendy at work and then transitioning into flat-out trendy in the evening.

6.) Cherry Red Jacket

This jacket is amazing, bold, and spot-on with the vibrant red background. This may seem very busy but in truth, paired with a nice pair of jeans, black patent pumps and a nice t-shirt, this turns a basic outfit into something amazing, but not overpowering. I recommend a well-fitting trench for everyone. They are a staple for any wardrobe because of their ability to take an outfit from ok to WOW. This is the fun trench that does that. Red can be a very bold color for most, but it is an excellent color to have, whether as a full piece or as an accessory.

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