Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nude-y pants: $50 or less + Father's Day

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week so far. For those in finals, I hope you all are getting amazing work done and plenty of sleep to boot! Tonight I want to bring you a really fantastic, but at times very difficult trend to pull off: nude.

No, not going nude; wearing the color nude. It is something that we have celebrities pull off time and time again, and it is a fabulous trend, but is very difficult to pull off it not done in the proper way. You don't want to look like you're not wearing clothing, or appear bland like Brad Pitt did recently wearing all shades of tan and nude. Yes, even he can look bland, and it can happen to all of us if we misuse trends.

Nude-y Pants

$50 or less


The easiest and most flattering way to wear nude is nude shoes. They make you appear taller and your legs slimmer.

Adorable, and still perfectly sweet and on-trend.

I have a pair very similar to these with a strap that goes around the ankle. Trust me when I say I could run marathons in wedges; they're insanely comfy. 

Sexy, and a bit of a platform in these so they're not so bad.

Pointed, which are my favorite kind, and the cut-out print is adorable.


This is flattering for most body types: very sweet and easy to dress up or down and will work for most styles.

This is for the brave. While the one below looks like the same one, it's not since the lace design and colors are very different.

Also for the brave: a beautiful little dress perfect to beat the heat in.

Adorable, and the fabric hides any imperfections you may not be so happy about in the mid-section.

Another adorable little day dress with sweet cut-outs and a flattering shade for most skin-tones.

Father's Day Fanatics

$50 or less

This type of shirt, as well as the color, is flattering on men of all shapes and sizes and skin tones.

It's just really cool. =)

A funny yet still presentable shirt to wear to a wide variety of occasions.

Real men wear lavender. Yes, they do.

This ring is so unique; I just might buy it for myself. Rings like this girlfriends want to borrow, permanently....

A fun pair of shades in a pop of color that will make any outfit go from zero to sixty, and yes men, we like it when your outfits do that too.

An easier take on the bright colors trend and still fun to wear. This is a great way to ease yourself into the trend if you're not one to dive in head-first. 

While it may seem pricey, most nice watches are hard to find for under $60. Believe me, having worked in stores such as Nordstrom's Rack and Tj Maxx where the designer pieces go to be sold for less, even "less" can be quite a bit depending on the brand. Believe me when I say, while I don't believe in paying full price, or more than $50, sometimes, you do need to pay close to that because the brand is better and it's worth it.

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