Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We want candy: $50 or Less

Hello beautiful people! I hope this gorgeous weather reaches you wherever you are in the states, or on any continent in the world. Today, I am going to bring you a few affordable pieces of a very popular trend: candy jewelry. No, not those candy necklaces that we all had as a kid and you bit off the little things as you ate. Not that kind: real jewels that look so delectable you just want to eat them. Yep, the grown-up version of candy jewelry. I love it, you love it, everyone loves it, whether you realized that's what you're loving or not.These are the perfect accessories, especially for the summer since you'll look like you're dripping with delicious treats; make you look more delectable than ever!

Candy Baubles

$50 or Less

Ok, so this isn't something shiny and delicious-looking, but it's just so darn cute!!

I want candy bib necklace: $26.00

 This looks like it was made of Starbursts. Yum!

I just want to suck on this ring; the ultimate ring pop!

These look like little cinnamon drops; sooo tasty.

I have an extreme love of the A&W Rootbeer candies, and these look exactly like them. I'm suddenly craving a rootbeer float...

Fantastic Internet Deals

$50 or Less

Just the sweetest little summer dress. I feel like I should be in the 50's wearing this.

Gorgeous, and perfect for any summer outfit.

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