Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scubey Dooby Doo + Burgundy Beginnings

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week. After being around the scuba scene for over a month now, I've noticed that it's not just basic black wetsuits. There is a fun fashion among scuba enthusiasts and for those of you out there who love to dive and explore the ocean floor, I have some fun things just for you.

Also, I will bring you some beautiful burgundy bags; the hottest trend to sweep Hollywood.

Scubey Dooby Doo 

$50 or Less

This gorgeous graphic tee will look good on everyone and show how much of an extreme diver you are, or hope to be some day. (Like me)

This is my boyfriend in a nutshell.

A gorgeous necklace perfect for that special lady in your life who likes to explore sunken ships and creepy caves with you, or who just loves watching "Sea Hunt" just as much as you do.

Scuba Kitty, need I say more?

 The perfect mug to carry your coffee around in, coffee that will keep you awake during your scuba explorations.

Burgundy Beginnings

As the cooler weather starts to set in, we suddenly find ourselves wanting to pull out our boots, sweaters, and for the latest trend for this fall, our burgundy bags. This rich, beautiful color is perfect for the autumn palette and making you feel warm and toasty inside, even if the weather is cold and biting outside. The trend is everywhere on the runways, from Miu Miu to Rebecca Minkoff to Stuart Weitzman to Lanvin. Everyone everywhere is going mad for burgundy.

$50 or Less

Beautiful detailing with the zipper and the foldover front. Thankfully this has a little loop so you can let it hang on your wrist instead of having to carry it under your shoulder the whole time. Also, it can fit your phone and cards without looking like it's going to rip in half.

Absolutely gorgeous color and the silhouette is just so spot-on with the trends right now.

This is a gorgeous bag that will go throughout any season and with any style. This will be able to carry all your necessities quite comfortably and still make you look stylish and chic!

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