Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Trending Now: $50 Or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you have had the most amazing first week and a half of September so far. Tonight, to make up for lost time I'm going to bring you a trend that is very hot right now, and break an age-old rule.

First though, the trend: Suede shoes. Celebrities have been seen wearing suede shoes everywhere. They are very very hot, and very appropriate with the cooler autumn months coming. Suede can definitely work for summer as well though when worn in adorable summer silhouettes.

Celebrity Suede Sightings

As you can see, suede can be worn in both warm & cooler-weather outfits, and even in bright colors! You don't need to stick to nature-colored hues; you can have fun and play around.

Suede Sightings: $50 or Less

The perfect pair of summer wedges done in a bright purple suede. These will be your go-to shoe for spring, summer and into the autumn.

Adorable and goes with everything. These boots you can wear throughout the year; wear them in the winter with your skinny jeans tucked in and a cute sweater, or in the summer with a pair of shorts and a funky tee. The sky is the limit with these hot booties

The color and the fact that they're slouchy thigh-high boots alone should have you scrambling for your credit card. This particular shade is incredibly versatile and will go with any color you own and every silhouette. You will get more use out of these than you can imagine and you'll end up living in them.

Pretty much the coolest suede pump around thanks to that awesome detailing along the sides. The black piping, peep toe cut-out and funky platform shape help take what could be a plain pair of shoes into the coolest pair of peep-toe pumps you'll ever own. Compliments from everyone you meet guaranteed.

Now, for the next topic; White after Labor Day. A lot of people say this is a don't, but I say, who gives a flying freak?! I don't care if it's after labor day, white works for any season depending on how you wear it!!!! And just to prove it, i found some goodies.

White Willies: $50 or Less

This is very easy to transition from summer into fall and winter. In autumn, pair it with a sweater and some boots. In the winter, wear tights or jeans, a heavy jacket and boots and a fun hat and you're good to go. This works very nicely for any season, you just have to be creative with how you layer!

This little shorts are so fun, and still very appropriate for autumn. To transition these into winter, you'll have to be very creative and go with more of a sweater and heavy tights combo, but you have to play with the textures and patters to make sure they don't clash too much with the summer vibe of the shorts, but transitioning these for spring or autumn is a piece of cake.

Nice linen pants like these are always perfect for any time of the year because all it really depends on is the footwear and then you're good to go.

And there you have it lovelies; suede and dressing after labor day! <3

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