Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hair-Raising Halloween: $50 or Less

Good evening all you ghoulish souls out there. As I'm sure you've realized by now, Halloween is less than a week away. Yes little monsters, 5 days from now you will be wearing your frightening or sexy, or frighteningly sexy costumes for all the world to see. For those that didn't realize that Halloween is only 5 days away, I have some fun and easy Halloween costume ideas to tickle your scary souls with.

Due to computer issues and a vacation visit of friends I haven't seen in 3 years, I was unable to post for nearly 2 weeks. Not to worry though, to make up for it, I shall post every single day until Sunday. Then I shall return to my regular scary schedule. (Ok, not THAT scary, but i had to find something that starts with an "s" for schedule)

First and foremost, hair! Yes, I said it, hair. This year, I am being the wonderful Magenta from Rocky Horror.

Magenta: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Evan Rachel Wood as Magenta

My whole costume to be Magenta including shipping and handling will have cost me $40. I dyed my hair red from dye that was on sale at Vons. YES, hair dye was on sale at Vons grocery store. Every time I go into a grocery store, I go straight for the sale section! Sometimes it's a flop, and other times you get 3 boxes of a beautiful cinnamon red color for $3 a box. True story. 


Yes, this wonderful costume that comes with everything save for shoes, tights and hair wig, was only $35 after shipping & handling. 

Costume Ideas

$50 or Less

Sadly, that awesome guitar isn't included, BUT if you go to the 99 cent store and get a blow-up guitar and a pair of fishnets, you're all set! A whole costume for less than $20. Now THAT'S being thrifty! While still evoking your inner Courtney Love, minus the drugs.

Drink up me hardies, yo-ho! Chocolate milk that is! This adorable costume evokes the Jack Sparrow sense of adventure, without the worry of having to watch your little one go off to sea to pillage and steal. Your little guy will be the life of the party as he runs around screaming "yo-ho!" and "arrrrr!". Talking parrot not included.

Finally, a little girl's superhero costume that doesn't involve a bustier and underwear. I like this batgirl costume, and it will keep your little girl warm, just add a jacket. 


This hilarious short spoof film makes the best Halloween costume EVER. All you need is some black & white face paint, a spoon, and black clothing. If you don't own black clothing, you can get all the items at a thrift store for about $15 overall at most, and the facepaint for $5 at CVS. $20 total for a hilariously funny outfit that you can wear again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again....


Go to along with your beautiful and inexpensive outfits, lets put some more ease to your mind by showing 8 different easy diy hairstyles that are fast to whip up before that party at your friends' house you forgot about until 10 minutes before. Now all you have to worry about is the makeup.

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