Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just call me Dotty

Hello lovelies! Since Sunday I talked about plaid, a major trend right now, I want to continue on with the trendmobile and jump into another very popular trend right now: polka dots. I've heard people talking about how when they were kids they owned polka dot things and gave them away thinking they'd never need them again, and now they have to re-buy the wardrobes they once had. Do not fret lovelies! That's what sales and thrift stores are for! As I proved last Wednesday, you can buy designer things for a mere fraction of the cost!

Taking the "trend" part away, polka dots  have been seen through the decades. They are a classic print that really and truly never goes out of style. Polka dots can be worn at any age for any occasion, save for maybe a funeral. Other than that, they are always a welcome sight. Polka dots aren't just prim and proper; they can be sexy, cute, sweet and very very fresh. They are not a stale item in the back of your grandmother's closet, they can be worn in any style.

Polka Please

$50 or Less

Quite possibly the most perfect jacket ever created.

Absolutely adorable and perfect for any occasion, as well as your wallet! Looking adorable without breaking the bank is a must for any wardrobe. Just throw on some flats and a jacket and you're ready for any situation that comes your way.

The most posh little bag with a touch of attitude thanks to the gorgeous chain strap. 

The uneven hem gives a breath of fresh air to a classic item, taking it from the back of the thrift store to the front of your closet.

Just the sweetest top in an alluring red and white polka dot combination. The layers make it easy to hide any problem areas while still looking modern and not like Anne from Green Gables.

With the rainy winter months approaching, everyone needs a solid, cute pair of rain boots. Why not go bold and stand out from the standard crowd in this sunny pair of yellow polka dot boots?

A nod to Amy Winehouse without going full beehive, and an easy way to hide a bad hair day. (I do this often)

The easiest way to wear polka dots you ask? Wear your favorite LBD, throw on these tights, some ankle booties, a sweater, and you're set. See? Easy as one, two, dots.

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