Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Belt Chuck

Ghooooouuul evening lovely people. Forgive the cheesiness, I've always loved Halloween with a firey passion; probably has something to do with the fact that I can practice my acting skills and makeup skills and bomb horribly without looking like a total freak. Halloween on Monday!!!

Getting back to business though, today I want to talk about a trend that has been very slow to catch on but I've been seeing it more and more; wearing two belts at the same time. I saw a picture in Nylon at the beginning this year of a girl wearing two separate belts on top of each other. One of them was really long, so she actually tucked the strap behind the belt to take up the length and not make it hang awkwardly in front of her. I thought it was sheer genius. Then, about two months ago I came across another picture online of a girl doing something similar with two small belts. Last night I came across this picture and fell head over heels with the way this girl effortlessly wears two wide belts at the same time.

This works perfectly because of the fact that she kept the rest of the outfit neutral with the colors; the brightest color in this outfit is the top belt, which also works with the rest of the color palette.

How I do the Double Dip

I really hope that this particular trend catches on because it's such a fun way to wear more than one belt at the same time and spice up an outfit. I've been rocking this for the past few weeks and I've been getting nothing but compliments. I hope to start seeing this in larger magazines such as Elle and Vogue sometime soon just because it's so clever and simple.

Notice how the shirt and skirt are very basic and neutral; this allows the bright colors of the belts and the way they're wrapped to take center stage. If you're going to wear more than one belt with really outgoing patterns on your clothing, make sure the belts are neutral or work with the patterns and don't clash; it's never good to blind the people looking at your outfit.

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And with that, have a great Friday lovelies! <3

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