Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Vampire Diaries

Hello all you beautiful people out there; Happy Twilight Weekend! For those of you who saw the movie the opening night; YESSSS! For those that haven't had the time yet, not to worry, I'm here to help you look every bit the stylish Twilight fan you are, without going overboard of course.

Twilight Time

$50 or Less

Not a necklace or t-shirt kind of a gal? Earrings are the perfect way to show your support in a chic and feminine way without going overboard, and you can wear them any time afterwards as the designs are lovely.

Team Jacob? Now you can show it! This is the best deal yet, because you get to wear a beautiful little picture pendant of your favorite werewolf. There's a he-wolf around your neck, open up and let him in.....

Need to write notes at work? Want to take notes for your Twilight fan novel? This beautiful moleskin notebook will be your best friend and make you look smart, and chic for having such a beautiful notebook on you.

A gorgeous little pendant necklace with lots of personality, without going overboard. The colors will make this go with any outfit, and the charms make it the only necklace you'll need.

These beautiful little pendants are perfect for the Twilight premier, or any time really. They're subtle enough to wear everyday, even to work, and also at the premier, Twilight fans will know exactly what you're wearing, and will want a pendant too to go with their Twilight gear. 

I love the different phrases they've come up with the "Keep Calm" t-shirts, and this one is no different; very clever and the color is lovely. It will stand out nicely but in the non-tacky way.

Alright fans, time to get your Edward and Jacob fix!!

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