Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cool Coats: $50 or Less

 Hey lovelies! I hope for everyone who just went though midterms that everything was smooth sailing. If any of you are having weird weather like we are here, then below are some fun jacket options for you. One day it's sunny and warm here, the next day it's cold and rainy and biting. Because of this bipolar weather, I've decided to outfit you, just in case.

Cool Coats

$50 or Less

Fun and funky, and warm to boot!

Considering the fact that this jacket was originally $108, and now it's only $20, you'll find a reason to wear this jacket. There's always a reason for a seriously marked down piece as gorgeous as this one.

Absolutely adorable; very lake house with a fireplace roaring inside.

Very New York City in December with thick clothes, red lips, and snowflakes falling around while cradling a warm coffee in your hands.

Fun, on-trend, and perfect for these cool winter nights.

I suddenly have the urge to go to an English garden and have tea by the fountain. Pair with red lips, loose waves and funky boots for a fun and put-together look.

Adorable and practical with a touch of rough feminine flair.

 Sugary sweet and perfectly put together with red lips and an updo.

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