Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving Threads

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had the most amazing weekend and is now gearing up for some turkey and mashed potatoes! Yes, in exactly 10 days we will all feast and then go into a food coma for the rest of the evening. Today, as I was having some computer issues last night, I want to bring you some really fun different Thanksgiving outfits for a couple different scenarios you might encounter, as well as some tips for countering the urge to overstuff yourself.

Thanksgiving Threads

$50 or Less

Outfit #1

Most houses/places I've been to for Thanksgiving are heated so wearing a t-shirt and skirt inside the house isn't that odd for Thanksgiving. Also, you'll eat quite a bit so that will make you feel nice and warm and toasty.

This skirt is perfect for eating all the green bean casserole and turkey you want without showing it and still looking super cute. This laid back outfit is perfect for hanging out with friends for dinner, and afterwards if you want to go bowling or go play pool. 

I recommend wedges such as these to offset the billowy-ness of the top and skirt; you do need some structure to help pull it all together.

Total: $40

Outfit #2

Adorable jacket you can wear unbuttoned inside if you're still cold, or take off to reveal your sweet dress underneath.

Just the sweetest little fancy dress for meeting the parents in without going overboard. Any shoes will work with this outfit: boots, flats, sandals, sneakers even. Anything really works, save for bright orange high-tops. Then we might have a few problems.

Adorable belt; the perfect color to contrast with the dress and help cinch it in to show off your waist. 
Total: $42.80

Outfit #3

Throw this on and you're set. This outfit is the perfect outfit for a casual dinner with the family or friends, or you can dress it up with funky shoes for meeting your beau's family for the first time.

This adorable vest will look so lovely over your skinnies and sweater, and heaven forbid you get a bit of a turkey pooch, the billowy vest will help with that until you're finished digesting.

Cords always look amazing, and wearing tighter clothes will make you more conscious about eating so much. When they start to get too tight, that's when you know you need to lay off the mashed potatoes. Consider it double-duty skinnies. You can wear ANY shoes with this outfit: flats, boots, heels, anything goes with skinnies.

Total: $45.00

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