Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch Yourself

Good evening lovelies! My original plan had been to bring you some pieces from the K-Dash line at QVC in light of recent Kardashian events. So, I was looking through the Kardashian line last night and realized it sucks, majorly. Everything was over-priced and just didn't seem worth anybody's time. As much as I respect the Kardashians and their fashion sense (You have to admit, they always look so well-put together) I just can't bring you anything from them. Maybe next season, maybe.

Instead, I'm going to bring you something else; watches. Now, I am not a watch girl by any means. I've never liked them, ever. My mother gave me a very expensive Diesel watch that she won and never wore (It wasn't her style); I gave it away just same since I don't wear watches. The only time I can remember wearing a watch is as a small child; I had a purple one with glow in the dark stars and moons. I think I only wore it because of the stars and moons.

While I was checking my email this morning, I stumbled across a sale on some watches that made me nearly trip over myself; I'm in LOVE.

Watch Yourself

$50 or Less

These beautiful watches are ALL from La Mer at . This absolutely stunning collection caught my eye immediately because of the designs; these aren't your grandmother's watches! (Although vintage jewelry is very much so on-trend) The designs from La Mer are fresh and fun, and make you feel like you're wearing a really beautiful bracelet that just happens to have a watch face on it. 

They have classic silhouettes as well, and everything is $55 or less on sale right now. This sale ends in 24 hours, so I really and truly recommend heading over to Ideeli right now and snatching up a watch before they're sold out.

For all you hippie chicks out there, now you can keep track of time and still nod to your earthy side. This is  one of the coolest watches I've ever seen because it really toes that line between watch and bracelet effortlessly.

 So rough and tough and perfectly chic!

One of the prettiest colors for any bracelet, watch, or any accessory made to date. If you favor more of a classic silhouette, this is more your watch because it's smaller but it still has a wow factor because of the color and the band.

This is the perfect combination of lady-like and tough; I can see Lady Gaga wearing this watch.

Effortlessly cool; put this on and you don't need any other bracelets on that arm. I'd feel like I'm wearing a cuff and then realize that I can also tell time while I'm at it. Maybe I should start wearing a watch after all since I always seem to be running 10 minutes behind....

Other Fun Ideas

$50 or Less

Gumbi's favorite accessory.

I'm watching you, and the time too.

Modern vintage: right on time.

Boho yes!

ASOS Retro Style Heart Watch: $17.97


Internet Deals

50% off of all sweaters

$5 off at checkout: 483178900509

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