Monday, May 5, 2014

Met Gala Favorites

The Met Gala happened the other night, and everyone looked AMAZING. Sadly, my invitation got lost in the mail, but that's ok, I'm sure next year it'll get to me on time. Until then I can just gaze at the pictures from the other night and drool at the dresses. Here are some of my favorite looks from the event:

Emma Stone: Her partner Andrew Garfield is lovely, but her outfit is really what shines. Her outfit is fun without being too much; just the right amount of nonchalance and wow.

Marion Cotillard: I'm convinced this woman can do no wrong style-wise. She always looks absolutely amazing every time her picture is taken. I need her shoes, for what I don't know, but let's be honest, with great shoes, is there ever actually a reason other than to have great shoes?

Lena Dunham: This dress is wonderful; her whole look is amazing actually. I read an article earlier today where the author stated that this look isn't flattering on her, but I personally feel that this dress is perfect for her figure and skin tone.

My favorite look of the evening

Kirsten Dunst: A dress with a Death Star is of course, my ultimate nerdy favorite. Also, it's a really pretty dress. She keeps is classy and simple with hair, makeup and jewelry so the focus is on the dress; a perfect 10.

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