Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Brow Bias

As I'm sure all of you have seen by now, bold, beautiful brows are really freakin' popular. Thanks to the like of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, bold brows are sought after, and the techniques to achieve the perfect brow seem to multiply daily. 

 There are numerous ways that people demonstrate how to get the perfect brow, and out of curiosity, I've tried a great deal of methods. Honestly, there are no wrong ways to achieve a great brow (except Sharpie. Don't do Sharpie), it just simply depends on what works best for your coloring and brow type.

Now, I'm very lucky to not have thin eyebrows to begin with. Despite my many years of plucking and shaping my brows, they are still full, thick, and utterly wild. Luckily, this works to my advantage, as it's much easier to achieve the bold brow look  when you already have a lot of brow. The trick for me is taming them. They have the tendency to wonder off in various directions no matter what I do. I've tried waxes and goos and goops galore, but alas, after a few hours on the town, they're all hodgepodged and askew. 

I first attempted to start filling in my brows last year when I was urged by a lady behind a makeup counter to take advantage of my brows. My trials started with powder: first a light brown, then I moved on to deeper browns from M.A.C to try to match my hair color. It became a careful game of "Don't apply it too dark or I'll look like I'm trying to be in Vogue instead of going to Olive Garden". Then came the brow pencil trials, ending in me liking the results, but ultimately still finding my hairs straying in various directions.

I was on the hunt for a fast and easy way to do my brows and not worry how they'd look in an hour after stepping out into the real world. Then I saw an article last week from Marie Claire talking about mascara as a fast and easy way to do your brows and have them stay. I was intrigued, and so the experiment commenced.

My Julep mascara is now officially my saving grace. One product for my eyelashes AND my eyebrows, and the color darkens (not too much), while holding my eyebrows in place. The product does the work, while the mascara applicator brushes the hairs and makes my eyebrows appear much thicker.

On the left is my "before". My brows are thick, but this brow has a slight arch that I'm growing in to have a more natural, rounded look. On the right is my "after" - my brows after only a few seconds of swooshing with my mascara. And my brows stay that way too!

It's kind of amazing what one product can do <.3

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