Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Coming of Comfortable

In every style magazine, high fashion and couture has been injected with a serious dose of sporty spice. Couture sneakers, high-end track pants, haute hoodies - style has become for the comfortable. Most people are overjoyed at the ease of dressing now. You don't have to worry about blisters from dancing in your Jimmy Choos all night; you can wear sneakers now with your Alexander McQueen gown and not bat an eyelash. Most style mavens wear their sneakers with pride with their Chanel jackets and YSL skirts, while I have always, and still, make a beeline straight for my heels. While comfort in fashion isn't exactly anything new per-se, in the realm of houte couture, crystal sneakers aren't something you see everyday. It's not that I don't appreciate being comfortable in my colorful Nike running shoes, something just feels like a Freaky Friday mixup whenever I try to walk out of the house in my vintage dress and running shoes.

For the first time in my life, I'm rebuking sexy sneakers, but only when paired with formal wear.  Slide-on Vans with your romper? Sure. Some leather high tops with your leather skater skirt or legging? Sure. The casual outfit can rock a casual shoe, but in my opinion, formal wear, especially high-end dresses, are dressy. No matter how many crystals or how much lace you put on a sneaker, it's still a sneaker.

The likes of Rita Ora, Eliza Doolittle and Lilly Allen have been rocking the sneakers and dresses trend, and while I respect each talented singer, something about the site of sneakers, especially white ones, with a fancy dress, just makes me cringe:

If these are a little too plain for you, Chanel sent some down the runway in their latest show that has me seriously questioning whether or not I'd wear them with couture. Sparkly sneakers on my run? Absolutely, but I'm still on the fence when it comes to high-end dressing.

I love going outside of the box with fashion, but I don't love it enough to wear my running shoes with my vintage silk gown.

 At the end of the day, all I can say is: comfort be damned, I like my blisters.

How do you feel about this trend? Would you wear it?

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