Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Cut-Out Equation

There are a lot of trends that pop up on runways and in magazines that most of us can agree are better meant for the catwalk than a shopping at a farmer's market. Being someone who sports a more curvacious figure, trends aren't really where I look when building my wardrobe. However, there are some trends that come alone that make me think "Ok, I might actually be able to rock this and not look like a circus clown."

Such a trend has come along, and while I'm not sporting it with every outfit, I can definitely see working it into a top or bottom, in the right away of course. 

The trend I'm talking about? Cut-outs.

It started out subtly, showing up on the 2013 runway and since then has been gaining momentum to make waves on the 2014 runways as this:

Cut-outs aren't new in fashion by any means, but they're cycling back and having a very strong presence lately. The basic concept of cut-outs is this: draw attention to those areas, creating visual interest rather than a traditional dress or top and bottom. One celebrity that I've seen sport this in a really interesting way was Taylor Swift.

This top is conservative yet sexy, in just the right way. I saw this picture yesterday and have since hunted down a few cut-out pieces that won't make you feel exposed, but will still give you that sexy confident boost, like Taylor's outfit.

This is a really easy way to wear cut-outs without feeling exposed. I feel shoes are the safest way to break into any trend.

This top is a really wonderful way to wear cut-outs on top because you have them on the sleeves to wear they won't show your bra straps, and that area of the arm is a great place to show.

This dress is a really beautiful and casual enough that you can wear to work with a nice blazer and heels over it, and then you can wear it to the grocery store and out on a date. The cutouts are there, but they don't overwhelm the dress. They don't expose too much and they're very sexy yet subtle.

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