Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monthly Subscription Boxes/Bags: The review

Up until about a year ago, the only thing I knew that you could get on subscription every month was a magazine. All that changed one night after too much wine and WAY too much online shopping when I stumbled across an inviting, cute site called Ipsy. I quickly realized this was a subscription site that sends you a bag packed with 4-5 either full or travel-sized makeup/skincare items that came in a cute, uniquely designed makeup bag every month. At first, I felt intrigued but uncertain. Did I need a bag of beauty every month? But for only $10 a month, and having an extremely bare-bones beauty collection at the time, I thought "Well, a little variety can't hurt". 

It took another month before I took the plunge and signed up, but I've now been receiving an Ipsy bag for the last 9 months. I've got to say it has become something I love and look forward to. To start receiving, you take a personality quiz where they get a feel for what your style is and what products you'd use and like. Then, out of all the products they're offering for the month, they choose 4-5 and send them to you based on your quiz. You can go on to the site every month and rate the products you received, and from those ratings they determine what they should or shouldn't send you in the future. You can also re-take the personality quiz at any time if you feel that they're not getting your style quite on the mark. 

The fun thing about it is that you forget it's going to come. You get really busy with work and life and then suddenly, SURPRISE, it comes, in a really pretty big metallic pink padded envelope. It's like Christmas morning in your mailbox every month. You open the envelope, and inside is a pretty makeup bag that contains a surprise for you: an assortment of products that you might or might not have ever picked out while shopping online or in stores. I've discovered brands that I would've never even batted an eyelash at previously, and now I consider those brands and those products staples in my beauty routine. One of the best parts to me is that I get a free makeup bag every month too. I had so many that a few weeks ago I donated most of mine and kept only the ones I really and truly love, pictured below.

The funny thing is is that all the products pictured below aren't all the products I've received; I've given a lot of the items I've received away as birthday and Christmas presents because I knew I was never going to use them. For me, getting an Ipsy bag forces me outside of my beauty comfort zone and is a really wonderful conversation starter. It has connected me with a lot of women in a really fun way, which ultimately opened my eyes to all the other subscription boxes/bags out there.

I've been so surprised to learn that there are beauty subscriptions, clothing subscriptions, food subscriptions, etc. Below are some of my favorite monthly subscriptions that I've found out about in the last year:

Bark Box - This is a fun one. Each month you get a box with toys and treats specifically for your pup. So cute!

Spicy Box - This box is sexy. Each month you get an assortment of sexy time toys for the bedroom.

Glossy Box - My mother gets this one and she has shown me the great things that come in this box. It's like an Ipsy bag, but it has all kinds of things - gift cards, accessories, beauty, etc.

PopSugar Must Have Box - Pop Sugar cultivates a box composed of their monthly faves with clothing, accessories, fitness and food and send them to you.

Blush Box - This is the more PG-version of a Spicy box. It has more sensual things like bubble bath, lingerie, etc.

JewelMint VIP Box- This is a really cool site and subscription service where they send you amazing jewelry, and often extras like nail polish, perfume, bags, etc.

Beauty Army Box - For only $12 a month you get an assortment of 6 beauty samples of name-brands sent to you.

Nature Box - One of my good friends subscribes to this. You get sent an assortment of snacks every month and based on your reviews, they tailor your boxes to your tastes. I've tried the snacks - they're amazing and worth every penny.

Fabletics - Every month you get sent a new workout outfit based on your style and preferences and typical workouts. For someone who doesn't like shopping for workout gear, this subscription is amazing.

This website actually has local subscription boxes for every state if you're looking to support more locally:

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