Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The beauty path less traveled

So a couple of weeks ago, I started down a path with a wonderful organic beauty product to see what would happen. In the last few weeks, my super-sensitive skin's redness, irritation, and a lot of my major acne cleared up very quickly. It's been amazing, day by day seeing the overall transformation of my skin. The brightness, the clearness, and most importantly the confidence I've felt glowing from within. I've been unfeeling unstoppable. 

Until Monday night, that is. After a stressful fight, I saw the signs of a major breakup rearing it's ugly head. While there was no redness or irritation, I could see the bumps from extreme stress raising, and alarmingly fast. Quickly I began to scour my drawers from something to stop the breakout, and I found a tiny little tube of Murad Acne Spot Treatment. It was a sample-size that I had gotten for free from Sephora last week because honestly, free sample = why not????

I dabbed some very lightly on the areas I saw the bumps raising, meditated, went to bed nice and early and woke up Tuesday morning to....the worst my face has looked in over a month. 

Since using the organic beauty product, I've stopped using any kind of acne treatment. Almost a whole month without anything artificial touching my face. My lotion is organic, my cleanser is organic, and now my go-to beauty treatment is too. After a month of essentially detoxing my face, this little bottle of promises turned my skin into a field of raised, puffy and itchy red patches. It was something out of a beautician's nightmare.

After coming home, I promptly threw the bottle away and decided that even if I break out in the future, I will never treat it with chemical formulas again. Even if I look like a crazy person smearing honey and crushed almonds and lemon juice on my face, I would rather take the chance of being a bear's favorite dessert than a mine field of itchy red patches.

Moral of the story: If you've been on an organic kick/detox and suddenly have the urge to use something mainstream/chemical-filled, try to create/find an organic, non-chemical blend instead. Your shell-shocked skin will thank you.

Organic Acne Alternatives:

- Tea Tree Oil
- Vitamin A
- Garlic Clove
- Cucumber
- Mint Juice

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