Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lip Liner Love

In my post talking about my 2015 resolution, I discussed really diving into makeup for the first time in my life this past year and finally feeling comfortable with beauty. While I feel comfortable with skin care and makeup now, there was one product that took the longest for me to want to add to my routine: lip liner. 

Lip liner at first seemed a bit unnecessary. If the lipstick I'm wearing is pigmented, why do I need something underneath of it? It really seemed like a superfluous item that I could just avoid all together. However, despite my reluctance, I began to notice as I started to wear lipstick more and more, the frustration of talking a lot or drinking or eating and having all my lipstick pretty much wearing off after a few hours. I eventually became attracted to everybody's unanimous reasoning for lip liner: if you wear it, your lipstick will last muuuuuuuuch longer. Since I'm pretty much the slowest applier of lipstick EVER, the thought of having to reapply less became more and more appealing. 

Until I walked into Ulta/Sephora/MAC and saw the prices of the lip liners. Oy vey. My frugal tendencies and tight budget had me do a 180 promptly on my heels and march straight back out their fancy doors. Then it was off to the drugstores for me, and unfortunately that overwhelmed feeling with makeup came back as I was standing in front of the massive aisles chalk-full of different brands of colors. "Who do I chose?", "Which brand is better?", "Which ones last the longest?", "How many different colors I do need?", "Do I need a lip liner for every color lipstick I own?!".

It was, to say the least, a bit overwhelming. Of course I had watched a bagillion-million youtube videos and everyone talking about their favorite lip liners - most of them being high-end. I turned around and headed home, deciding to do research before potentially wasting money. After some time, and no more closer to an answer, I was wondering around Walmart one day picking out skin care items when I saw a random endcap hanging piece. Usually filled with loofas or eyeshadow quads, this one had little pencils hanging off it, and a sign that said "FLOWER" on top. I wanted to kick myself in my a$$. I had read over a year ago about Drew Barrymore's makeup line exclusively for Walmart, FLOWER, and how all of her products are cruelty-free.

I ran over, snatched one of each color, and continued on with my shopping. When it came time to check out, I was amazed - they only cost $1.50 a piece!!! Since purchasing the four lip liners 3 months ago, I have used two colors so far, and I have to say they are excellent. I didn't put them in my 2014 favorites because I haven't used all of them yet, but they are worth checking out. When I went to go find them online for this post, I sadly found that they must have increased the price to $6.98. However, they are still worth it because they are so pigmented, they come in a twist-tube instead of a pencil that I need to sharpen every.single.time, and they go on easily.

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