Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Polish Prerogative

As someone who strives every day to come closer to becoming a tiny house owner/lifestyle enthusiast, I'm constantly fighting an inner battle due to my love of options. From my shoes to my jewelry to my clothes, I love having lots and lots of options despite the fact that I know I don't need them. 

Naturally it should come as no surprise that that same love of choices extends to my nail polish collection. When I first moved in to my room over a month ago, I had close to 70 nail polishes. The funny thing is, is that it didn't look or feel like that much. One night I was organizing my bathroom and on a whim I counted my collection. My jaw hit the floor. I immediately started grabbing the ones I used the least in the last year and promptly placed them to the side to give away to my roommate and coworkers. 

Within the last 5 weeks I have whittled down my collection to just 21 polishes, including my base and top coats. To some people this is still a lot, and to others this may be very small.

Out of these 21 beauties, I have selected my top 6 favorite ones:

I've been in love with Zoya for years. I've done a post on them before, and mentioned them countless times in other posts. They're the original "4-free" nail polish, and their polishes chip the least. This polish is that perfect neutral. At first glance this doesn't look like a neutral, but it goes with EVERYTHING.

Every time I wear this I get compliments everywhere I go. This color is one of the prettiest colors I've ever owned, and every angle in the sun makes it look different.

One of my biggest frustrations with Julep is that I have found most of their colors chip very easily. However, the 6 colors I own, 5 of them being shimmer, don't chip easily, dry quickly, and stay on the nails for a very long time. That's why they're still in my collection (obviously), and Zelda always feels fun and glamorous.

I discovered this brand by accident in New Orleans last year, and I've been over the moon since. They're 5-free, cruelty-free and vegan, and their polishes last FOREVER on the nails. I also receive a lot of compliments whenever I wear this color, and usually after a week I only have one teensy chip. For me that's a miracle considering how hard I am on my hands. 

This top coat is the coolest because not only does it help my polishes last way longer than they normally would, it gives the most interesting holographic sheen to every color. 

Sephora by OPI "It's Real 18k Gold Top Coat": $30.00

This bad boy is unfortunately no longer available. 3 Christmases ago I felt like being fancy, Iggy Azalea-style and ordering myself a top coat with flecks of 18k gold in it. It adds the prettiest appearance to any polish I put it over, and I always get compliments whenever I wear it. If they ever decide to bring it back, I'm buying two.

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