Sunday, June 28, 2015

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner: Review + Lookbook

While growing up certain beauty aesthetics were engrained into me as a sort of "Don't Do" bible. Each time we passed by the beauty aisle or I would play in my mother's makeup I was reminded of those rules as a warning, as if some glittery makeup goddess would bestow bad eyebrow days on me if I disobeyed. Of course, as a young teen and being told "Don't do that" only made me want to do it even more, and as I've gotten older and developed my own style I've rebelled against one rule in particular:

 ***Pink around the eyes makes you look sick/diseased***

As soon as I was out on my own in college I dove into variations of browns, pinks, blues and greys and I am happy to say that pink eyeshadow is one of my best friends. I'm so drawn to pink now as an adult that when I saw the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in the shade "Woodstock" on sale, my heart skipped a beat. The shade is a beautiful deeper sparkly coral that's perfect for the summer months. Instead of just doing a regular review about whether or not I like the product and how it wore, I decided to create 2 different eye looks using the eyeliner because I love it so dern' much.

Look #1 Half-eye cat flick

A very simple, easy half-eye cat flick. Since my eyes are smaller I like to start at the middle of the eye with eyeliner and then draw it out to the side since I've noticed it creates the illusion of larger eyes. The eyeshadow shades underneath the liner are lighter pinks and dusty mauves with a shimmery pink in the corner of my eye to draw light to it and create the illusion of a wider eye. I went very light on the eyeshadow application to give just a gentle base contrast for the bright pink eyeliner. My trusty NYX concealer under my eyes and one coat of Calvin Klein mascara completed the look.

Look #2: Double Liner Happiness

This was a tricky look for me as I've never really done a really big bold eyeliner, and I'm sure you can see I don't have the steadiest hands. I love contrasting two colors like this so I might continue to try to push myself with more challenging looks like this in the future. Practice makes perfect, and clearly I need a lot of practice! :-P

Overall Review:

Urban Decay's 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner is very easy to use, and of course the packaging is adorable. It goes on quickly and it STAYS on. I accidentally rubbed my eyes more than once, and my eyeshadow shifted but not the eyeliner. It applies very smoothly and it's effortless to create any kind of shape you want due to the thin application brush that comes with it. The color itself is bright but it's not a neon "I'm going to a rave after this" bright. It's a really beautiful bold pink and the sparkles add a nice hint of shimmer in the light. The ONLY bad thing about this liner, if you can't already tell from the picture above, is that you have to go sparingly with it or it can get a little...clumpy.

The price is absolutely worth it due to the quality of this product. This shade probably isn't for everyone, but if you're looking for a formula for a great liquid eyeliner, I recommend going for the Urban Decay 24/7 in another shade. I've tried different brands of liquid eyeliner with a brush before and I've got to say this is my favorite to date.

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