Friday, June 12, 2015

Why I canceled my Ipsy subscription

At the beginning of this year I made a resolution to be more conscious of what I purchase. As an Ipsy bag subscriber, $10 a month was my little happy outlet, my escape from the stress going on around me. I lit up like a Christmas tree every time I saw that pink metallic pouch in the mail each month. When I separated and moved into my friend's house about a month ago though, I packed up all my things and unpacked them in my new single girl bathroom. It was eye-opening and overwhelming as I kept pulling mini-bottle after mini-tube out of my cardboard boxes marked "Bathroom/Beauty".

After getting settled and having multiple friends over, each one uttered the same sentiment when they saw my bathroom set up and makeup stash. "You own a lot of products for someone who doesn't work in the beauty industry" they all said in a similar fashion. As a woman who will be on the move all this summer, I don't want to be tied down by beauty - I want to be freed by it. While I've given away many many products to my coworker's delight, I still have so many that I'm beginning to understand how Frodo felt when he looked at Moordoor. Despite trying my hardest, I realized about 2 weeks ago that I've become almost buried in beauty and it's overwhelming me. Beauty is supposed to bring happiness, but instead it's made me feel anxiety over wasted money and products.

At the beginning of the year I had a feeling this day would come, and so, with much sadness, I canceled my Ipsy subscription a little over a week ago. While having the extra $10 a month in my account isn't a big deal, I am happy that I am no longer adding to this:

 The products in the pictures above are only 1/6 of my beauty arsenal. True story. As someone who wears makeup at LEAST 5 days a week and still can't use up products fast enough, it's an overwhelming task to use all of this before it goes bad, but it's something I'm working on every day diligently. When I fly back to California, my goal is to own only enough to fit 2 large cosmetic bags. I know, laughable, but it's still a goal, right?

For anyone who read my post yesterday, yes I did buy a new beauty product. The Lipstick Queen shade in Frog Prince was purchased due to the fact that it's only ONE product vs. a bag that comes with 4-5 items at a time. Also, with the incoming of this ONE item, TWO items will be taken out of my collection and be given away.

Baby steps lovelies, baby steps.

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