Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Around California

Hello lovelies! I apologize I did not update this past weekend; I'm changing my updating schedule. Instead of once a week every week, I will be updating every Wednesday and Sunday evening. My posts will be up sometime between 8pm and midnight.

I hope you all have been having a lovely week now that it's starting to get much cooler. Time to pull out those booties and those scarves! And of course, now you can go digging through thrift stores and not break into a sweat from the heat, yaaaaaaay!!!!!


Last week I went up to my mother's house in Ventura and let me tell you, I LOVE Ventura! It's so much cooler up there and the thrift stores are teeming with goodies!

First off, I went downtown to a new place called Treasure Chest and found these amazing shoes! These are definitely the hottest deal.

HOTTEST Deal!!!!!

Farylrobin striped flats: $4.00

For those of you that don't know, Farylrobin is a shoe company that is never cheap, by any means. I bought a pair of their sandals at the beginning of the summer. I got them marked down a bunch of times AND i had a coupon and they were still $15. That's not a lot, but those shoes are impossible to find this cheap. Sadly, these lovely flats were not my size. The largest size they had was a size 9, which luckily is my mother's size so I snatched them up for her before anyone else could.

Anyone who is in downtown Ventura or passing through, make sure to stop in to Treasure Chest. They have an amazing selection and unique clothing, and they still have several pairs of those Farylrobin flats left in sizes 6-8. Make sure to bring in something to donate and the owner will be more in favor of a lower price if something doesn't have a price tag.

Now, a couple of stores down from Treasure Chest is the Am Vets thrift store. I found my $3 Banana Republic shift dress in there before, so I knew it would be the best place to go holiday shopping. Unfortunately I can not post a picture of the item because the friend I bought the top for reads this blog, but I can tell you it is Nine West and I picked it up for $3. They had so many things that I didn't want to leave the store even though they were telling everyone they were closing.

Men and women, whoever is reading this, run quickly! They had the most amazing selection of men's and women's clothing, and the shoes they had there were totally worth digging for. And if you're looking for a cheap way to buy for your friends, this is the way to do it!


The second day I was up at my mother's, she took me up to Ojai for the first time. First off, let me just say how GORGEOUS it is up there. I would not mind at all living in that lovely town.

Secondly, the shopping up there is fantastic.

Rains in downtown Ojai is amazing. That store is truly a lifestyle store. They had amazing clothing for everyone in the family, and then they had a monstrous cooking section which I practically had to drag my mother out of. (Once she found the Stonewall, it was all over for her)
They've taken a great deal of markdowns in the clothing section. While I didn't find anything that my wardrobe was dying for, I can tell you all you MUST go check out the markdowns. They are easy to dig through and they have wonderful things that I'm sure will complete someone's wardrobe or just be a fantastic find.

Next we wandered down main street a bit and found a tiny little thrift store that had some great little treasures. Everything fantastic that I found wasn't in my size (Of course), but they had Stuart Weitzman shoes and high-end labels in there just ripe for the picking. I don't remember the name of the store but it was right across the street from the Cleaners.

If for whatever reason those 2 particular stores don't catch your fancy, almost every store on the strip was having a sale. I wandered into almost every store on main street in the heart of downtown and found all of them to have fantastic sales racks with some great markdowns. I didn't see anything my wardrobe couldn't live without, but I'm certain you all will find something to love.

San Diego

Now that I'm back home in the lovely (and finally cool) El Cajon, I was at work a few days ago at the Parkway Plaza Mall when I had to run to JCPenny's after work. On my way to JCPenny's I passed the Famous Footwear store. I'm not the biggest fan of Famous Footwear. I feel that their shoes are overpriced sometimes, but something honestly pulled me in and I gravitated my way towards the Clearance rack. Low and behold, I found treasure. Famous Footwear is having an AMAZING sale right now. They have many of these shoes marked down to just $5!!

After about a half an hour of digging, I found these gorgeous slingback heels.

Hot Deal

Corinne Grey Slingback Heels: $5.00

These heels are beyond comfortable and they may seem a bit dressy for the every day, but honestly, throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, a frilly tank top and some cool jewels and you've got yourself an awesome outfit.

I highly recommend to run to the nearest Famous Footwear ladies and men and go digging. Set aside a good half an hour to 45 minutes and I can guarantee you will walk out of there with treasure.

Well, until Sunday lovelies! <3>

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