Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In for the kill

Hello lovelies! I hope you all are having a marvelous week and that life is treating you well. Just a reminder that if anyone has a request for me to do a post on anything, don't be afraid to email me and let me know and I will be glad to talk about whatever you'd like.

Something about the weather starting to get colder makes me want to pull out my black and red clothing. I LOVE black, white & red together. It's just so simple yet bold and a complete statement look. That's why this week I have created a fantastic little number for anyone on any coast made up of the finest pieces from

For those of you who don't know, is a fantastic website that is beyond addicting and absolutely free. You can put together outfits including accessories, backgrounds, even songs, which is very useful when doing homework, or you can actually go shopping from the website. is home to what I believe to be every single clothing, shoe, accessory, and image website on the internet. You can find absolutely anything. I can tell you I have spent hours putting together crazy and funky outfits just for the hell of it. It definitely gets the creative juices flowing.

Around the Web

While this little bow may seem a bit childish, paired with very adult and bold basics, this bow adds the slightest touch of feminine youth with a dash of color in an otherwise basic outfit. I really love just one accessory of a different color because of just how strongly it pops even though it may not seem very showy.

Now I'm usually one for purses with a bit more hardware or some kind of bling, but I love the subtle French-chicness this bag lends the outfit, while still being big enough to carry everything, but not too big as to devour everything you put into it. I also love the handy little snap it has on the top to make sure everything doesn't fall out.

A basic, black long-sleeve tee. Can one ever go wrong with wearing one? I think not.

Now these shoes are absolutely fantastic. They have a little bit of a heel to give you a tad bit of height and a sturdy support, but they are very fresh with the pointy toe and the striking silver color. It may seem taboo to pair silver with white, but the black and red will make the silver pop.

I'm pretty sure I've used these pants before, but I don't care. These are amazing. Skinny jeans hold a place in my heart because they're so versatile. You could just as easily pair these with a great pair of boots and a sweater and go for a more cozy look instead of Early Autumn. I still truly believe these will look fantastic on anyone.


Red Bow - $2.99
White & Grey striped purse - $4.99
Black Long-sleeved Tee - $10.00
Silver Dollhouse flats - $12.99
Gap White Skinny Jeans - $14.99

Total: $44.99

I hope you folks enjoyed the outfit and don't forget to check out when you have the chance. You won't regret it! =)

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