Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time to groove

Hello again lovelies! I hope you all are having a fantastic week.

Last week I posted saying that the furthest east Buffalo Exchange goes is Philly. I was just recently informed that they are actually opening a Buffalo Exchange in Boston. YAAAAAY! Next time I fly out, I'm sooo going! Anyone want to join?

I am currently up in Ventura right now, and for those of you living up here who saw a curly-haired girl wearing crazy outfits while her mother followed her around with a camera, yes that was me, and no, I'm not crazy, I was just doing my Fashion Styling homework. School is good.

Of course, being up here in the lovely Ventura, I HAD to stop by the Urban Outfitters. My mother is equally as obsessed as I am so we went digging. I was lucky enough in the short amount of time we had to discover these fantastic tights.

HOT Deal

Tights: $5

I have a major obsession with tights right now and I've really been digging crazy-patterened tights such as these. Since I got my job at Nordstrom's Rack, I now can get funky with my clothing. I most likely will go back sometime tomorrow and pick up a few more pairs just because you can never have too many tights in my opinion.

You all should run before they're all sold out. I'm telling you, cute patterned tights like these are a must-have simply because they'll spice up any outfit. =)

For those of you who are looking for new shoes, I recommend stopping by and jumping to their sales section. Every now and again I'll find my way back to Bakers and there's a reason why; they never disappoint. Their Sale section always has fantastic and adorable deals.

Hot Web Deals

SWISS Flat: $10

Since I can't wear yellow, I'm very drawn to yellow accessories and shoes. These are absolutely adorable and add flair to any outfit.

CORI: $19.99

Let me count the ways I love thee. I really can't, there are just too many. These are just fantastic. Channukah present, anyone?


For five dollars, how can this baret go wrong? The perfect compliment for any cold-weather outfit. Super chic and cute too!

Alright now, time to go over and snatch up these goodies before they're sold out forever!!!!! Happy shopping!

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