Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ok, it's alright with me

Good evening lovelies! If you're back east caught in the random blizzard, I hope you're safe and your heaters are working properly. If you're here in San Diego, let's all be thankful for the lovely weather we've been having.

I'm soo excited to finally be able to show you this top. I wanted to show you this outfit Wednesday, but I wasn't able to get pictures in time. Thankfully now I was able to get the pictures uploaded.

About a week ago my boyfriend had to run to TJ Maxx to pick up something for his family. (As you all know, I LOOOVE Tj Maxx, so of course I offered to come along) While he was looking, I wondered the many and fantastic sales racks they're having right now. There I came upon my new favorite shirt. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that it's plaid. I have never owned anything plaid other than pj's, but I've always wanted to. My boyfriend so graciously bought it for me as a belated birthday present, but I saw the price and it was an amazing deal.

Below is my take on this hot fall trend and the coziest way to do it while still looking chic and fabulous.

Hot Trend



Plaid Blouse Top: $7 (Tj Maxx)
Funky Green Purse: $2 (Thrift Store Up North)
Dexter Pin: Free (Comi-con)
Gold locket necklace: $2 (Yard Sale)
Dark Blue Skinny jeans: $10 (Nordstrom's Rack)
Dark Purple Suede Wedge Boots: $25 (Loehmann's)

Total: $46

If any of you lovelies are planning on wearing a bold plaid pattern such as this, remember to not pair it with a pattern that is just as bold or more bold. Plaid is a very distinctive, attention-grabbing print. I paired the funky-knit purse with it because it's a smaller print and there's less of it, so it doesn't overpower the plaid. If you really want to pair it with another bold pattern, make sure that either the plaid or the other pattern has much less showing, so it's more of a highlight than a whole piece of that print.

Now, normally, I'd go a bit more crazy with the jewelry and at least add one or two more things, but since I found the locket at a yard sale last weekend, I've been loving it as a singular statement piece. My recommendation folks, if you see a tiny little yard sale on the side of the road and you have an extra 5 minutes, do it. Go look, because I was doing laundry and running home to get something and I saw a little sale on the side of the road. I stopped off, got that necklace, funky wooden fish earrings and awesome vintage buttons for an amazing deal. The nice thing is that you can haggle, so I highly recommend stopping off at a sale, even if it's a tiny one. You never know what you might find.

Also, I've been told that buttons on purses has a bit of a juvenile feel and look to it. I personally believe one big, funky button on an otherwise plain purse, or 2 or 3 very small ones adds a bit of pizzazz, and you can interchange buttons and things depending on your mood. Just be careful not to overload a purse with buttons. I made that mistake once, and buttons were popping off left and right and it was a hot mess.

Now that you've read this, run run to the nearest Tj Maxx and check out the sale sections of the different departments. They have so many things marked down to $5; summer pieces and styles that didn't sell, so you can have the pick of the styles from last season. Run run! =)

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