Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One of those "hot chocolate and good movie" nights

Hello lovelies! I hope everything is going wonderfully with you all.

I just recently was hired on at Nordstrom's Rack in the Accessories department. Yaaay! But of course, getting hired somewhere new means re-evaluation of one's wardrobe and figuring out what one can actually wear. I needed to do that anyways considering the fact that my wardrobe has grown in leaps and bounds since I moved out to San Diego, but I never wore half the stuff I got.

So, the other night, my lovely roommate and friend Thuy helped me for 2 hours as we sorted through. The results were in massive piles on the floor. After sorting through the good-quality clothing, I bagged everything up and today my boyfriend and I went to Buffalo Exchange

I'm going to tell you a little bit about this store.

Shopping Hot Spot

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange was first started in Tuscon, Arizona in 1974. It was the first recorded store that sold, bought back, exchanged, and took items on consignment. They've been doing it ever since.

Directly from the website:


It is the purpose of Buffalo Exchange to lead the resale fashion industry, provide a livelihood for its employees, a fair return to its owners, and achieve sustainable profitability by:

* Being the most beneficial place for its customers to buy, sell, and trade new and recycled clothing
* Having a rewarding workplace
* Acting with integrity
* Being self-righting
* Functioning in a socially responsible manner
* Promoting fun and enjoyment"

This store is absolutely fantastic and one of my favorite places to go simply because they buy back your used clothing. Yes, you read correctly, they BUY BACK your clothing. Of course, it has to be in good condition and not from the 40's, but they'll buy it. Of course it all depends on the season. They can't buy back maxi dresses when it's turning to winter, but then you just have to keep those things until the spring and then they will.

When my boyfriend and I went today, they bought back 2 items from me, and gave me a $9 store credit which enabled me to afford these gorgeous new flats. These will be perfect for work since I don't have any flats that are work-appropriate. (AKA - Comfortable enough to walk around in all day)

SODA flats: $6 (after $9 store credit)

Hence, why I love this store. Of course, if you're living back East anywhere in the areas of New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont, it's kind of sucky situation since the closest one is in Philly, but if anyone is going on a trip to Philly anytime soon, hit up Buffalo!

For those of you who are lucky enough to live close to one, the next time you go to donate your stuff to the local thrift store, first make a trip to Buffalo Exchange to see if you can get some money for your duds before you graciously donate them.

ALSO lovelies, I want to point out a major style watch:

Style Watch

La Roux lead singer Eleanor Jackson

I am deeply in love with La Roux's music, and if you watch their videos I'm sure you will be just as captivated with Eleanor's style as I am. Look out in the near future for a Looks for Less on Eleanor's funky futuristic style.


  1. Buffalo Exchange is now open in Boston (Davis Square in Somerville)! See

    Michelle Livingston,
    Buffalo Exchange

  2. Thank you Michelle! I'm glad to know that. Now whenever I fly back into Boston, I can go hit up Buffalo! =)