Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Contest Giveaway

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having a lovely week wherever you are.

This week, I've decided to put together something very different for you all. Tonight is my very first Free Contest Giveaway!

I have worked on this for the past few weeks with one of the head directors at They have an AMAZING website filled with anything you could ever imagine a place could have for decorative accessories. They have; furniture, storage containers, bar stools, wall hangings, bed stuff, etc. Their site has more stuff than you could ever hope to imagine! It's like a massive accessory store for your house and office!

The prize I have chosen for this contest is the:

Thomas Paul Bali Pillow in Green

Retail Value: $19.00

For those that know me closely, this pillow is no surprise since I am obsessed with elephants. Trust me though, I chose this not for myself, but for everyone else. (I can't win my own prize, that would just be selfish) I believe that this pillow will make an excellent addition to any home, any decor, and any lifestyle. The striking yet simple color scheme makes it very easy to mix and match with any decor style one might have.

If this pillow is by chance not your style, think of your friends and family. Somebody will appreciate this as a gift, and since this pillow is free to the winner of my contest, it never hurts to try. Pillows are an excellent out-of-the box gift idea. Nobody expects to receive a pillow, but everyone loves receiving a cool pillow that they can show off at home, or just lounge on.

The Contest

A week and a half ago, I posted the predicted trends for 2010 with my own examples of how to wear each one.

For this contest, I want each of you to create an outfit using at LEAST ONE or more of the trends that I predicted for $50 or less. You can use more than one trend if you so choose, but I need to see at least one of the trends in your outfit.

Rules & Guidelines:

- You can not use any of the pieces that I used in my post to show examples of the trends. You must find your own pieces to use in your outfit.

- You will have 2 weeks to complete this outfit. I know that most of you work full time or have school and work, so you will have 2 weeks. The contest starts this evening and ends 2 Sundays from now, January 31st.

- Your outfit will be judged upon your originality and creativity with the use of trends.

- Your outfit can NOT go more than 50 cents over $50. If it does, I will not accept it.

- All submissions must be sent to: before midnight on January 31st.

- For submitting, please include everything in the body of the email. I will not open attachments.

~ For Online Pieces:
* You must include the link to each item
* You must include the total for your outfit at the bottom.

~ For In-Store Pieces:
* You must include a picture of the item and the price tag. Make sure the tags are visible in the pictures. If I can't make out what the price is, it won't be accepted.
* You must include which store the item is from
* You must include a total for your outfit at the bottom

- Each submission also needs to include your complete shipping address and phone number.

- Each outfit MUST include at LEAST 4 pieces.

For Men's (Must Include):

- Shoes
- Pants OR Shorts
- Shirt
- Belt AND/OR Accessories

For Women's (Must Include):

- Shoes
- Shirt & Pants OR Skirt OR Shorts OR Dress (If you choose to do a dress, you will need a piece of jewelry as well)
- Purse

I will be on a trip from January 29th until February 1st. The moment I am home, I will go through your emails and choose a winner. Wednesday, the 3rd, my post will be dedicated to the winner of the contest. I will announce the winner and show off their outfit.

Once I've chosen the winner, I will give your shipping address and phone number to the director at CSN to place the order. It will take about 5-7 days to ship, and then about 5-7 days after that to be delivered. So if you win, expect your gorgeous pillow in about 2 weeks.

And then you or your friend/family member can enjoy this gorgeous pillow (and make everyone else jealous in the process that you got it for FREE!)

Good luck lovelies!!!

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