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Hottest Trends for 2010 for $50 or less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having a marvelous week and nothing has happened to make your new year bad so far. I also hope you all got to see the lovely fashion that was modeled down the red carpet for the People's choice awards. On Sunday I'll do a post to recreate a look from there, but today, I have trends for you!

I've been searching the web for you lovelies and I have found this years predicted trends, thanks to a lovely video on msn which I can no longer find. When I find that video though, the link will be posted immediately!

Trends 2010

- Denim head to toe
- Denim in accessories
- DIY feel / Arts & Crafts
- Brooches
- Clogs
- Small purses
- Mix & Match motifs
- Lingerie cuts

The funny thing about a lot of these trends is that they're just so practical. Small purses are my jam; they're just so much more convenient than large purses. Think about it; you don't have to worry about filling up a large purse and there's none of that extra weight on your shoulder. I've also always been a fan of the brooch. They're the easiest way to dress up a sweater or t-shirt or jacket without having to think about it.

Mix & Match though I will say lovelies shouldn't be just a trend, it should be a way of life. Matchy-matchy is just so boring. Spice up life with a few unusual prints thrown in! Have some unusual colors in accessories, don't be afraid to get funky!

$50 or Less
Denim Head to Toe

Now, before you all get very excited that you can finally wear your denim jackets and jeans together without being given the stink eye, remember lovelies; different shades. Matching the shades is just too much. Do a dark shade with a light shade with a medium wash.

(This is not an outfit, these are just pieces I found for inspiration.)

PASCERI Low women's denim heel: $17.49

Denim AND comfortable AND cute. Do these shoes need any more explination?

Doki Geki Chambray Blazer: $46.00

Absolutely adorable and will go with anything.

Triple Diamond Earrings: $14.99

These are the must fun pair of denim anything I have ever seen. Very 80's, but without the awful hair included.;jsessionid=71B5FAE46AC72710715E0DDBD46C387A.qscstrfrnt03?productId=182&categoryId=32

Studded Denim Tube Dress: $39.99

Ok, this seriously is just too damn cute. You can wear this in the summer with some wedges, or you can wear it now with tights and boots with a jacket. Really, this is for any time of the year.

Lingerie Clothing

The lingerie trend is very sexy and very fun. Sheer pieces and very low-cut, silky pieces are completely in. You can wear it to work or out, it just depends on how you accessorize.

Multi-Strap Dress: $39.99

This dress is just absolutely stunning. I love the way it falls and the detail of the back straps.

Population Silk Blouse: $23.99

Needless to say, I want it. How can one go wrong with a sheer black blouse? Exactly; one can't.

London Time's Women Sheer Pieced Dress: $20.99

The perfect LBD that is super sexy yet still refined. DO wear this out. DON'T forget that you're fabulous.


Finally! Cute and comfy can now be one in the same and not be shunned!

Betseyville Leslie Clogs: $43.97

Betsey Johnson + Heeled Clogs = OH MY GOD, PERFECTION!

LIVASY Clogs: $11.89

These are the perfect little clogs to slip on if you're running errands and still want to look chic. The metal studs keep them from being dull and adds a bit of attitude, and who doesn't like attitude and comfort?

White Mountain Burnished Leather Clogs: $35.40

This caramel color is just so absolutely beautiful. These are perfect for any time of the year, but especially now. These clogs are from White Mountain, so they're made to last and made to be comfortable. Go be stylish with your bad self!


One of my favorite types of accessories. There's something so special about brooches and the way they can make any outfit from great to amazing.

Bejeweled Floral Brooch: $34.00

This looks like an heirloom from a great great grandparent. This is also absolutely perfect for that finishing touch.

Song Bird Brooch: $26.00

This is an amazing eye-catching brooch. Definitely not for those who don't want a bold brooch. This is the perfect accessory to make a statement in. Wear it with a LBD or a sweater and jeans; it will make you the center stage.

Flying Spectre Brooch: $12.00

A small funky brooch in neutral colors is the perfect subtle way to break into the brooch trend without feeling uncomfortable.

Mix & Match

This is my favorite trend since I do this daily. I don't like to match. I never have and I never will.

(This is an outfit this time)

Mossimo Supply Juniors Pullover: $12.58

A fun, funky little pullover. Do proceed with style.

Mossimo Crossbody Lavender Bag: $8.04

A gorgeous little bag for any and all. Pastels are never too much, but always in demand.

Pleated Linen Skirt: $9.99

The perfect pink skirt. Not too short, not too long, easy to dress up, easy to dress down. This shade is flattering on every skin tone and oh so fun to wear!

Spotted Leopard Flats: $19.99

Every girl needs a pair of adorable leopard flats in their closet. Not those china flats, but honest to god flats. They go with everything and are the perfect go-to shoe besides the black ballet flat. Yes we can.

Total: $50.60

And that, my lovelies, is how you mix & match.

Small Purses

Like I said; convenient, cute, and no more shoulder pain! YAAAY!!!

Guess Blondie Crossbody Bag: $35.99

Purple is such a flattering color for a purse, and the silver embellishment on the front is the perfect touch of regal perfection. This purse is a must-have!

Main St. Mini Cross-over purse: $18

The perfect crossbody bag in the most charming shade of caramel. This will go with anything and the more worn it gets, the more rich and lovely it will look.

Sculpted Hardcase Purse: $24.99

This is honestly such a fun purse. You can wear this during the day if you want to get funky and pair with a cool sweater and some jeans to add some bling, and then you can take it straight to night.

Arts & Crafts/ DIY

This is the cutest trend. I adore DIY-styled things. They add such a lovely personal touch to any outfit or wardrobe. Just make sure that if you're going to do DIY clothing and accessories to not go overboard. You don't want to look like you live in an arts & crafts store.

Lily Pad Headband: $22.00

Finally! A cute headband in neutral colors! I have been searching high and low for a beautiful headband that doesn't blend in with the crowd yet still goes with everything. You're welcome.

Softspoken Cowl in Lilac: $36.00

The prettiest shade of lilac and the coolest looking cowl have now finally come to be one. This will look amazing and keep you warm. Cowls just rock.

Vintage Candy Pop Hairclips: $10.00

Don't feel like putting a full-on barrette or bow in your hair? Here's your answer. These little vintage hairclips are the perfect dose of adorable and vintage chic without being too overpowering.

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