Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Demi's look for less!

Good morning lovelies! I hope you all are sleeping soundly. I unfortunately had a bit of a hair disaster and now I'm planning on how to fix it. Tip for the future ladies: If you're going to dye your hair and you have black or super dark hair like mine, leave on the color for as long as you can possibly stand. I believe that is the only way to achieve the color on the bottle.

As you all know though, last week there was that major award show. I found some of the hottest looks, and I narrowed it down to Demi Lovato's look. She looked AMAZING!

Demi Lovato's Look

I personally LOVE this outfit. I think she looks absolutely stunning, and the color combination is very classic and chic, but the cuts are very modern and sexy.

Look For Less

Embossed Bow Bet: $3.80

Lace Ruffle Sweater Dress: $16.99

Miss Me Dazzle Slingback Ornament Heels: $15.98

Sterling Silver Bead Strand: (2) $11.85

Total: $48.63

Now I know that the dress I chose is a bit darker than the one that Demi had on, but I personally feel, like the color of the dress is wearing, that this color is fantastic as well and looks great on everyone.

Also for you lovelies, I found the most amazing steal! You will love this, trust me!

HOT Internet Deal!!!

Rachel Rachel Roy 23 Hour Velvet Dress: $34.99

This dress caught my eye immediately. I would wear this anywhere and everywhere, and you really can. Throw it on with some tights and a sweater and it's good for work, and loose the sweater, add some heels and you've got an awesome evening outfit! Plus, I feel this shape, color, and length is incredibly flattering on almost everyone.

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