Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flattering Colors for Everyone: $50 or less

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had an amazing mother's day filled with love, laughter, and warm memories. Tonight I'm going to talk about 2 colors that we've all been seeing a lot lately, whether popping up in stores by us, or on tv, or even in our favorite magazines, these 2 colors are not "new" ones being added, but old ones being revived: Cobalt Blue & Coral Pink. Kate Middleton i believe has had a major influence in bringing Cobalt Blue back in trend since the color is so flattering on her. She wears it often and makes it look stunning.

Coral Pink has had a major revival lately, and a lot of celebrities have taken to the trend, wearing the shade multiple times in multiple styles. Tonight, I am bringing you a few ways to wear each color for $50 or less, plus an awesome piece that I found earlier today.

Cobalt Blue

$50 or Less

Adorable and especially perfect for the upcoming summer months. This maxi dress will work with a structured jacket for going out at night, or some beautiful little sandals for going to the beach.

A fun way to deal with the June Gloom and May Grey: pair with some funky shorts as shown in the picture, or with a cool pair of highwasted skinny jeans and you're good to go! [Obviously shoes are included in there somewhere]

I don't own rompers, but I would buy this one just because of how fun this blue is and the funky print it has.

Favorite Cobalt Blue Find

I found this beautiful little steal a little while ago thanks to There were only 4 made of this beautiful comb and I was lucky enough to snatch one before the pop-up store closed. I recommend everyone signing up for the email lists. Yes, it takes a while to go through every email, but it's worth it when you find unique things that only you'll have an nobody else will.

Coral Pink

$50 or Less

The cutest little flat taking on 2 trends: coral pink and fringe! these will be your best friend to run around in and make you look adorable while you're at it.

I love anything vintage-feeling, and this hits the nail on the head. Both a flattering shade of coral pink with an adorable bow, this will make you feel regal and springy at the same time.

 The perfect price for adorable little coral drops that will add a pop of color to any outfit.

Awesome Find

Wear it in the winter with tights and boots, or in the summer with a straw hat and flats: this will be your wardrobe workhorse.

The coolest skirt, for only $5.00!!!!!! The best deal in town, and adorable too. If you wanted to get really creative, you could throw this over a dress so it looks like you're wearing a separate top and bottom to get even more double-duty out of your shorter dresses!

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