Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Good morning/noon lovelies! Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I decided to do a post the day before to give you all some last minute gift ideas for that wonderful woman that brought you into the world. I know that all of us are on a budget, so on top of possible gifts, I'm also going to include some excellent recipes and tips in case you prefer the homemade gift-giving.

Free Gifts
One of the best gifts you can give someone is a clean house or a clean car. "Borrow" their keys while you're at their place, get a copy made, and then tomorrow while they're asleep or out of the house, clean their house and car and put a fresh vase of flowers inside [if they like flowers of course]. It's very easy and thoughtful, since who doesn't love a clean house or car? Especially the car; I love my baby when she sparkles! If they're not going out tomorrow, give them a reason to. Ask them to run an errand for you, a very long one. Hehehehehe.

Gift Ideas

$50 or Less

A beautiful box to put her beautiful jewelry in. Who wouldn't appreciate this housing their collection of beautiful baubles?

The perfect studs to put into her new jewelry box, as well as to compliment her outfit, no matter the occasion. These look more Tiffany's than Juicy Couture, which is why for this price, they're the perfect steal.

Ikebana Pin Frog Stoneware Vase: $22.00

Ikebanas are beautiful and always perfect since they are small vases that you can put a few flowers in. You can add color in your room without having to purchase a full bouquet, or worry about finding space for a huge vase. Put it on a windowsill or by the bed, it works, and you don't have to worry about spilling a gallon of water if it's accidentally knocked over.

For those who don't know about this; I saw this on QVC a few months ago. These are the COOLEST things in the world of tea and drinks. What it is; it's a beautiful glass tea pot and you get these beautiful tea flower buds that when you put them into the pot bloom into these gorgeous flowers that also make tasty tea! Since it's clear, you can see the buds blooming into flowers. They're the perfect centerpiece for any party, and they make the most delicious teas. She will adore this and you for getting her the perfect party-time favor!

Calvin Klein Jeans Sun Rays Tee: $17.33

The prettiest tee that she'll love and you'll want to "borrow".


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