Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Makeup: Morning after dark + White White White

Good morning lovelies! I apologize about the delay in this post; I was having multiple technical difficulties last night as has changed their format. After figuring it out this morning I am back in the game! Today I want to make up for lost time and tackle 2 of my favorite things; Timberland's "Morning after Dark" video and white dresses. Being a curvier girl, white isn't always the easiest to pull off; it can highlight your curves in all the wrong way sometimes, but it is a beautiful color that always adds a few shades of tan to anyone's complexion.

Morning After Dark 

$50 or less

Morning After Dark Still shot: SoShy + Timberland

I really love SoShy's looks in this video, but her red beret with polka dot dress is just spot on perfect with her awesome arm sleeve on full display and her funky vintage jewelry. SoShy is the perfect combination of old-school feminine mixed with new-age sassy.

 Waging White

$50 or less

White dresses are very much so in demand with the hot summer months approaching and everybody wanting to look beautiful and serene, whether lounging by the pool or running errands. The Little Black Dress is never seasonal, but it's time to incorporate the LWD into your wardrobe: The Little White Dress

This is flattering for absolutely every body type because the band under your bust defines a waist, but also gives you some breathing room in case you don't look like Giselle in a bikini. The dress is long enough to cover the bum, but short enough that you can tan your gams while running around. Besides, the more skin you show off, the more dedicated to your workout regime you'll be! That's why I wear short dresses and skirts all the time; motivation.

This particular dress is just absolutely perfect right now; it's long enough to lounge around in, but throw on a structured jacket, a funky necklace and some wedges and you're ready to go out in under a minute flat! This type of dress will become your go-to and you'll realize you don't know how you lived without it.

Shirt dresses are always a class and perfect for any time, day or night. The real question is; how will you style yours?

This va-va voom for-fitting dress can be very casual with some flats and a light sweater for hanging out with the family, then change it with a pair of heels and some statement earrings for a dinner with the love. Proceed with caution; curves ahead!

This perfect little mini is the epitome of summer dressing: easy to throw on, comfortable yet extremely chic. The ruffle makes this go from simple to stunning, while still being wearable for anyone of any age or body type. I would wear this, and my mother would too. There's no age when it comes to white ruffle dresses; they don't discriminate.

Fun Finds
$50 or Less

Too darn cute! I haven't worn bow clips for a very long time, but I would rock these like nobody's business.

Internet Deals

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