Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer Shoe-Lovin'

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all have had an amazing week so far! Due to the strange bi-polar weather, tonight I'm going to bring you some great deals on hot summer items, including those needed to keep yourself dry and looking fresh!

Go on, shoe!

$50 or Less


I have a slight obsession with "Gone with the Wind". This might be why I have a tattoo of Scarlett O'Hara. That might also explain my love of anything velvet. Yes, velvet isn't the first fabric you think of when it comes to the summer months, but if you're going out at night to a party, how chic will these look?? They'll look amazing with any strappy, flirty dress, and you'll look awesome for getting multiple season use from your velvet pumps. Just saying.

Grey booties are pretty much an essential year-round. This color grey works beautifully against the bright hues of summer frocks.

It might be my upbringing in New England, or my perpetual habit of living only a few miles from the coastline at all times, that causes me to go slightly nutty over stripes, boat shoes, and straw hats. You have to admit though, these rock. The boat, oooohhhh....

Can you say "OH YES!".

Rain Boot Lovin'

$50 or Less

Chic and will go with any outfit.

The perfectly pink pair for summer rains.

Show me your peacock!


 Adorable and perfect for the summer flowers.

Good for your boots for their environmental

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