Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day + Judas Makeup Tips [My favorites]

Good evening lovelies! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYYYY! I hope you all had an amazing one celebrating the beautiful women that brought us into the world.

Tonight, I want to highlight a big headliner Mother this week: Lady Gaga's [AKA - Mother Monster] "Judas" music video. For those that saw the music video, it is just as visually stunning and beautifully done as the "Alejandro" music video, minus the swallowing of a rosary. It was Lady Gaga's first directorial debut, and while I'm no expert, I think she did a fantastic job. Her video tells a story where she is a Mary Magdeline of sorts, escorting a very handsome Latino Jesus figure while Norman Reedus from Boondock Saints plays Judas. She is actually not singing about loving the actual Judas, but more a boyfriend who's love is similar to Judas's betrayal of Jesus.

I for one love the song and the video, but more importantly, her makeup in the video has me captivated. I keep re-watching the video, gazing at her perfectly drawn lines and how, despite being thrown about in a wave, crying, and being in a bath washing "Jesus"'s feet, it's still flawless.

I don't normally post about makeup, and I am DEFINITELY not an expert when it comes to makeup, but I have learned that makeup is one of the most important accessories a girl can have. Just like I wouldn't go to the store without a bra, I wouldn't go to the store without at least some concealer and blush. Makeup can be a very effective tool, but no matter how beautifully we apply our blush and eyeshadow, we need to make sure we're using the right products to ensure that our makeup lasts more than an hour, no matter the cold or heat, wave or shine.

Lady Gaga's Makeup

My Favorites

$50 or Less

If you're going to attempt Lady Gaga's makeup, look no further than here for the best products around that will assist you in getting Miss Gaga's look down without any hiccups.

 I have tried a lot of eye primers, and one of the things i've found is that a lot of them are very cheap and they will clump after a few hours, which makes your eyeshadow clump in the eye crease and look bad. They don't hold up very well. MAC's eye primer does. I've worn this bad boy from 7am-8pm, and my eyeshadow was still going strong, no clumping in the crease.

I use this everyday. I can not tell you how much i love it because there are no words. It has SPF 50 which my pale skin desperately needs, but it is also very lightweight and feels wonderful on the skin. It also holds up my makeup, which is always important. At the end of a 9-hour work day, I still look made-up and fresh.

In my opinion, this is the best way to re-create her look. This pen is how I create such beautifully thin lines on my lids, and I have the shakiest hand in the west. This is why I'm not a surgeon. When you have a pen, it's more stable and easier to create unusual designs. I recommend this for anyone and everyone, and especially those who look to her for Halloween costume inspiration.

I tried a makeup setting product once a long time ago. It felt sticky and awkward on my face. I didn't like it, so I never used it after that. At the beginning of this week though, I wondered into Sephora and I was slightly desperate. It's been 90+ here all week in San Diego, and while I enjoy sweating during a workout, I don't like it when I'm sitting in a classroom all day in school, doing nothing, yet I'm dripping sweat. I was once told "Women don't sweat, they glisten". Whoever made that up has never met me. I needed something extra, to ensure that my makeup will stay put and last throughout an entire day from morning to night, despite intense heat and sweating. So, while extremely hesitant and nervous, I decided to try some of miss Kat Von D's makeup setting mist.

I am so in love, it's not even funny. I spray 5 spritzes on my face; one for forehead, one for each cheek, one for my mouth/chin, and one for my nose. After 3 days of use, and 3 days of intense heat and sweat, I can tell you I arrive home every night, look in the mirror, and see my makeup fully intact as if I had just applied it. It's not sticky; it feels cool and hydrating on the skin. It only takes a minute to dry and then it's set for the rest of the day.

While I can not say these are the products she used for her makeup, I can say I recommend them because I personally use them every day. If I can make my makeup look good and last all day, ANYBODY can.

And now, to leave you with one of my favorite videos of all time, to celebrate Mother's Day of course.

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