Wednesday, July 20, 2011

L'Chaim: $50 or Less

Good evening lovelies! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far. Tonight, I want to talk about something that not many people shed light on I feel: dressing for synagogue. For those that don't know, synagogue is the Jewish church. Instead of meeting Sunday mornings, we meet Friday evenings for a few hours. or later Saturday mornings.

There are a lot of articles and blogs devoted to church dressing for Christian and Catholic churches, and even Mormon churches, but I have yet to see one talk about stylish synagogue dressing. That's why this evening, I'm going to bring you some kosher fashion.

Now, I'm not sure how it works with Christianity or Catholicism, but in the Jewish faith, there are different "levels" of how you practice, if you will. There's Reform, which is very very relaxed. At the Reform synagogue I was going to back in New Hampshire, our Rabbi was gay. He and his partner were adorable. In the Reform temple, that's allowed. In any other level of Judaism, not so much. Next, there's Conservative, which just means your pants can't have holes in them and your tats can't be showing (One of the main reasons why I choose to stick to Reform). Next, there's Orthodox/Ultra Orthodox. Last, but not least, since this is the most religious way to practice, is Hassidic. Hassidic are the ones you see wearing suits and peyes (The curls on the side). The women wear long sleeves and long skirts even on the hottest of days, and the married women wear their hair under a wig or hat if they so choose.

The younger generation has found some really interesting ways around it: by wearing really adorable berets and i even saw one woman with her bangs showing. That doesn't seem crazy, but in that world it is. I've even seen the younger generation wearing knee-length skirts with tights and boots. It's very heart-warming to see modern fashion mixing with tradition.

As a modern Jewish girl, I am the Reform of the Reform. I dye my hair, I have piercings and many tattoos. I love it, and it doesn't change my faith.

Since I have moved recently to an area that there is a Reform temple within a decent drive, I have decided to go back. As a Fashion Marketing & Management girl, it's not just going to be basic for me; it can't be. I have to show my personality which still respecting the temple. It's very important to put together an outfit that shows youth and personality. Tonight, I'm going to bring you an amazing outfit for temple for only $50; now that's Kosher!

Temple Dressing

$50 or Less

** One thing you must always remember: DO NOT show all of your cleavage, and if you want to wear a short dress YOU MUST wear tights underneath. I don't care if it looks cuter without them, you're going to temple, not a party; be respectful**

This dress is a very easy option; I always feel very confident in black. The neckline goes low, but not too low. You're still covered, and you have your arms covered as well. If you opt for a sleeveless dress, it is preferred you at least use a short-sleeved sweater or jacket to cover your upper arms. I have to since I have tattoos on both of my upper arms; I can't go sleeveless even if I wanted to.


This is adorable and works on almost all body types and the color is very flattering and easy to wear, and easy to accessorize. Just because you're going to temple does not mean you can't get your accessories on. Don't feel like you can't wear prints to synagogue; you can wear prints, just nothing like skulls or flames or devils or anything of that particular nature. Just use common sense really.

I ALWAYS opt for short-sleeved dresses because I get warm very easily; so i cover my upper arms but i'm still cool enough to not schvitz to death during service.

These come in black as well, and they're adorable. They'll go with anything, and you'll look very stylish during service.


If you haven't already noticed by now; the 2 shoe options are close-toed. I choose to wear close-toed. You MAY wear open toed if you so choose, but it's only acceptable for Reform & Conservative temples. When you start getting into Orthodox, don't even go there. You can still rock stylish close-toed in the summer, trust me. I do it often. Don't worry, you'll look stylish.

This is just adorable and will work with both dresses, both shoes, however you want to wear it.

If you haven't already noticed, I did not put in purses. That's because purses don't really matter. So long as your butt isn't hanging out, your boobs aren't on full display, and your upper arms and somewhat covered, life is grand. You can bring a canvas knapsack if you so choose, doesn't matter.

Total(s): $46.67/$40.77/$51.79/$46.79

It doesn't matter which way you pair these outfits together, you are still getting a very appropriate, and adorable, synagogue outfit that works for almost every body type and every skin color.


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